How Long Do Chia Seeds Last – (And Why)?

How Long Do Chia Seeds Last – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 months

Chia seeds are black seeds from a plant known as salvia hispanica. Most people love chia due to its health benefits; it contains magnesium, omega 3’s and amino acid among many more minerals.

Their nutritional value helps in providing proteins, energy, and fiber. Furthermore, they increase metabolism and help in curing diabetes.

How Long Do Chia Seeds Last

How long do chia seeds last?

Chia Seed StorageShelf Life
Room temperature3 months
Refrigerator4 years
Freezer10 years

Most of you could probably be wondering how long chia seeds can last, well they can last for at least 2 to 4 years if stored properly. It is essential to know that your chia seeds can last for as long as some several factors are put into consideration, among them being:

Expiry date

Any food product if it is not stored correctly lasts for a small span of time; therefore, the same applies to chia seeds is not stored correctly.

The best by date for your chia is two years as indicated by manufacturers after processing, but chia seeds are good for 2 to 4 years if stored properly.

This means it exceeds the best by date by two years again. In other words, chia can last for months in the cupboard as frozen chia last up to 10 years.

Storage of chia

This is the most vital factor when it comes to how long your chia can last and why? By storing your chia seed properly be rest assured you will also be increasing its shelf life.

Therefore it is advisable you store them in a cool, dry place, simply because when these seeds are exposed to direct sunlight, they are prone to get damaged.

You might also lack the knowledge of not storing your chia seeds in a colourless container or bags since light speeds up the degradation process.

Considering this you should prefer vacuum-sealed packages over clear bags. The better way to store your chia seeds is to place them in an airtight container and preserve them in the fridge while the best approach is for you to store them in the freezer.

On the other hand, you can also choose to grind your chia before storing it.

How well you can tell when chia seeds have gone bad

Check-in case your chia seeds have lost their taste if at all they have a bitter taste it is a sign that it has gone wrong and you should dispose of it immediately.

Furthermore, you can also notice the change in color and odor smell. These particular signs will hold your determine how long your cheers can last and why they take that duration of time.


Based on the above factors, you will be able to understand how long chia seeds can last and probably why?

It is recommendable that you be responsible not only in storing your chia seeds also but adequately using them before they get damaged. Furthermore, for health purposes, it is necessary that we use chia seeds to boost our body systems.


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