How Long do Limes Last – (And Why)?

How Long do Limes Last – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1-2 weeks

Ideally, a lime is a type of fruit which is green in color and naturally contains acidic juice. Limes have a sour taste and are rich in Vitamin C. They are used in flavoring foods and drinks.

Trees that produce limes take up to a period of one year for the limes to be ready for consumption.

Limes are not only rich in Vitamin C but also have other nutrients and antioxidants which are good in the prevention of cancer.

The nutrients that are available in the limes help in having healthy skin, boosting immunity, reducing heart problems and preventing kidney stones.

How Long do Limes Last

How Long Do Limes Last?

Limes StorageLime TypeLifespan
PantryWhole Limes1-2 weeks
PantryCut Limes1-2 days
RefrigeratorWhole Limes4-6 weeks
RefrigeratorCut Limes3-4 days
FreezerWhole Limes3-4 months
FreezerCut Limes1-2 months

Below is a simple illustration of how long limes can be stored, time and the place they can be stored without getting spoilt.

At room temperature, where limes are stored in the pantry, they last up to a period of within one to two weeks.

This will be possible if one removes the limes from the plastic bags immediately after purchasing them from the supermarket.

This will prevent moisture from the plastic bags to get into the limes and spoiling them. Hence, the limes should be kept in a fruit basket and placed on the pantry.

limes in basket

Also, to make limes last for a longer period, unlike when you store them in a pantry, one can store them in a refrigerator.

Nonetheless; in the case of refrigeration, limes should be kept in plastic bags in which air has been totally removed to make the limes even to last longer.

Lastly, limes will take the longest period of time when they are kept in a freezer.

They will last up to 3-4 months when stored in a freezer without getting spoilt. In this case, they are also packed in freezer bags that are free from moisture.

Why Do Limes Last That Long?

To begin with, limes stored in at the countertop or at the pantry last with 1-2 weeks without getting spoilt.

They can rarely go beyond this period of time because they are not exposed to moisture which shortens their shelf life.

Once the surrounding moisture gets into them, that is how they become spoilt and not good for human consumption.

spoilt lime in basket

Another method of storing limes is by packaging them well and keeping them in a fridge.

Limes stored in a refrigerator can last up to 4-6 weeks. This time can also be extended without the limes getting spoilt.

Limes stored in the fridge are kept in a freezer bag which is free from moisture, making them have a longer shelf life. Hence the limes stored in the fridge will last longer because they are free from moisture.

Lastly, storing limes in a freezer will even make the limes last for the longest period of time.

Limes stored in the freezer as a whole will last up to 3-4 months which happens to be the longest storage period among the three storage methods.

Limes are also stored in freezer bags that are free from moisture. The freezer bags are squeezed to let out all the air before the limes are packed and later tightly closed. This will make the limes to even last for a longer period of time.

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