How Long Do Coffee Grounds Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Within Two To Three Weeks Of Opening

Coffee is one of the most preferred beverages and is one that is pretty versatile too. There are different methods to make use of coffee beans. It can be used as coffee beans, coffee powder, and even coffee grounds. When it comes to coffee grounds, the more important aspect is the shelf life of the coffee ground that is being used.

Using coffee grounds beyond their expiration date will result in weird-tasting coffee. Coffee comes into the category of edibles. In general, edible things tend to rot or spoil in a few days. The same is with Coffee grounds. It will only be fit for consumption for a couple of weeks or more once opened.

How Long Do Coffee Grounds Last

How Long Do Coffee Grounds Last?

Coffee grounds are a by-product of coffee beans. However, both still have different shelf lives. It is common to keep the coffee in an air-tight container to make it stay longer. This way, the shelf life of the coffee increases considerably. The same is applicable for storing coffee grounds too.

Although coffee grounds when bought from the market or a store will have an expiration date. Using the coffee grounds post that time, in general, is not recommended. However, storing the coffee grounds in the right way can ensure that it is used beyond the printed expiry date.

If stored properly it can be used for up to two or three weeks once the package is opened. There are various methods like freezing the coffee that can increase the shelf life of the coffee grounds. It can enhance the shelf life but will also cause degradation in the taste.

When it comes to coffee grounds packs that are not opened yet, the coffee grounds can last for a solid five months. It remains common knowledge that coffee grounds have a lesser shelf life than coffee beans.

Storing ConditionsThe shelf life of Coffee grounds
Opened (not in an air-tight container)Three to five days
Opened but stored in an air-tight containerTwo to three days
Opened but stored in a freezer in an air-tight containerOne to two months
Unopened (In a vacuum-sealed bag)Five Months

Why Does Coffee Grounds Last That Long?

The key to the fresh and long-lasting coffee grounds is the way it is stored. Coffee grounds when kept in the open air, spoil faster as they get in contact with the air. The exposure will lead to the moisture in the coffee grounds evaporating and can lead to crystallization of the coffee grounds.

However, this does not happen when the coffee ground is kept in an air-tight container. Using an air-tight container keeps the air away from the coffee, thus increasing the shelf life.

Another great storing technique for coffee grounds is keeping the air-tight container in the freezer. It keeps the moisture out and keeps the coffee grounds fresh for a much longer time when compared to simply keeping the air-tight container of the coffee grounds in a dry place.

If the coffee grounds are to be stored in a vacuum-sealed bag or container, it can add a lot of time to the shelf life of the coffee grounds. The reason behind that is that the coffee has never come in contact with the air and thus does not get spoiled fast.

The only thing that can cause the vacuum-sealed bag of coffee grounds to ruin in a matter of days or weeks is if there has been some error during the packaging and transportation of the coffee grounds. Poor packaging can cause air to enter the packing, and hence the content will spoil before the consumer even opens the pack.


Although freezing the coffee grounds might sound like the best way to improve the shelf life up to a year, it can highly impact the taste and the aroma of the coffee.

For getting the maximum out of the coffee, it can also be grounded at the convenience of the home. Also, it helps when the coffee beans are grounded as per requirement. This way, coffee grounds are fresh when a pot is to be made, and also, there is less wastage.

It is also necessary to use the coffee grounds as soon as possible as little by little the moisture leaves the pack.



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