How Long Do Coffee Beans Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up To Five Months

Humans get addicted fast, and getting addicted to coffee is not something new to hear. Coffee is an essential part of almost everybody’s day. There is hardly any place on earth that you won’t find coffee not being consumed.

Not only for consumption but, coffee also gets used for multiple purposes that can be therapeutic or even for beautification. Hence, it is known to be one of the most versatile consumable items. If the consumption aspect gets considered, it is vital to know how long you can consume it. Since fresh coffee is what makes it worthy enough to drink every day. If the coffee is not fresh enough, the taste will deteriorate considerably.

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How Long Do Coffee Beans Last?

Everybody loves coffee in one form or another, but the love for coffee is constant. Some people like it black, while some need to add creamer to make it taste good. Besides the mainstream way, there is also a great demand for cold coffee or other beverages also gets brewed with coffee as their main ingredient.

Other than consumption, there are multiple uses of coffee that one can imagine. It gets used in products that claim to enhance beauty. Not only that, coffee has been quite famous for its medicinal benefits too. Coffee also helps in maintaining weight, and it helps in curing many diseases too.

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However, the most imminent part is that it has to be fresh to be completely effective. That is why it is necessary to know the shelf life of coffee. Since it is a consumable product, it is bound to get unfit for consumption at some point in time. 

It is good to know long it will last before making a purchase. The shelf life of coffee depends upon many factors like the storage condition and humidity in the air. It also depends if you are consuming coffee beans and roasting them or ground coffee. Also, there are different types of coffee beans and powder available in the market. Even that will determine the shelf life.

On average coffee beans can stay consumable for up to five months if stored properly.

Storing ConditionShelf Life For Coffee
Roasted Coffee stored in a vacuum-sealed bagUp to five months
In a normal jar Up to three weeks
Ground CoffeeUp to four months

Why Do Coffee Beans Last That Long?

Since coffee is a universally loved beverage, it has a very high demand. Often people do not store it properly, and most of it gets wasted real soon. As coffee beans are edible, they are also prone to spoilage.

Their shelf life may not be that short, but it’s still going to spoil at some point or another. There are numerous factors that comes into the picture concerning the shelf life of an edible item. The same is with coffee. The shelf life of coffee depends on factors as follows:

  • The most prominent factor that determines how long coffee beans will last is the storage condition. Often when coffee beans or powder doesn’t get packed appropriately, they get exposed to air. The oxygen in the air causes the coffee to spoil very fast. Hence if coffee beans get stored in air-tight containers or sealed bags, they can last even up to five months.
  • The next factor is whether you are roasting the coffee beans or making them into powder. Roasted whole coffee beans will have a longer shelf life than grounded coffee beans.
  • The quality of the coffee beans is another factor that can determine how long the coffee beans will stay fit for consumption. The more premium the quality, the longer the shelf life.
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A flavourful beverage that is known to be a favorite amongst every person. It can be consumed in multiple ways, although it is imminent that it is fresh to taste the best.

Storage conditions can have a good impact on the taste too. Once the coffee beans or coffee powder starts aging, the flavors also become less evident. If not stored in a dry place, and in an air-tight jar, the coffee can ruin little by little.

There can even be mold growth if the coffee beans are not stored properly.


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