How Long Do Kiwis Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Kiwis Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Five To Ten Days

Kiwis is a fruit that is high in nutrition and is also delicious when it comes to taste. Owing to this factor, it is very much in demand. It is quite versatile too, as it can be eaten just like that, or can be even made into a variety of desserts and drinks.

However, since kiwi is a citrous fruit, it is likely to go bad soon once it ripens. There are various ways to know if the kiwi is good enough to eat, or it should be discarded. However, knowing the shelf life of the kiwi can make the selection and consumption process much simpler.

How Long Do Kiwis Last

How Long Do Kiwis Last?

Every edible item has an indefinite shelf life, and so do kiwis. When it comes to fruits, the shelf life starts from the moment the fruit gets plucked from the tree or plant. The major factor that can determine what the shelf life will be for kiwis is the composition of the food.

Many factors can impact the time for which the kiwi will be fit for use. The major factor that influences the shelf life of kiwi is the way it is being stored. If the kiwi is stored in a proper condition, it can easily last for about five to ten days.

The ideal way to store kiwi to extend the shelf life considerably is to keep it in the refrigerator. The colder temperature in the refrigerator can slow down or stop the growth of micro-organisms that can cause the kiwi to rot. As the growth of bacteria slows down, the decay happens a lot slower than when it is kept at room temperature.

If the temperature is on the higher side, the kiwis will decay faster, and will not be good for use. If the shelf life of the kiwi is to be extended even further, it can also be kept in the freezer where it can stay good for even a year.

Storage conditions of the kiwiShelf life of the kiwi
At room temperatureLess than a week
Inside the refrigeratorFive to ten days
In the freezerFor a year

Why Do Kiwis Last That Long?

How long the kiwi purchased from the market will last can depend on many factors. The primary reason behind the shelf life of kiwi is when it is purchased. Kiwis are stocked up in the market in bulk. It is not always possible to get the freshly plucked kiwis right from the tree.

It takes time to transport the plucked kiwi from the farm to the market. After that, it takes even more days for kiwi to get from the market to a person’s kitchen. In this period, the kiwi gets ripe, and sometimes even a little riper than desired. The more ripe the kiwi when bought, the shorter will be the shelf life for the kiwi.

Apart from the ripeness, another factor that highly influences the shelf life is how the kiwi is kept. If the kiwi is kept out on the kitchen counter, it will get spoiled in about four to five days as the exposure to the air will cause the bacteria to grow inside and outside of the kiwi.

Also, the kiwis are a little soft. Hence it is important to stack up the kiwis with care. If a lot of weight is put upon the kiwis or the kiwis are packed in very little space, it will cause the kiwi to spoil faster.

When kept in a fridge or freezer, it helps to keep the air out. Hence the bacterial growth is also very less. It causes the kiwi to stay good for a long time.


Even unripe kiwis are also available in the market. The shelf life of unripe kiwis is more compared to the ripe kiwis. However, unripe kiwi is not be stored in the fridge or freezer.

Unripe kiwis can last for about 8 to 12 days at room temperature, while the ripe kiwis can last for about 3 to 5 days maximum.

However, the overripen kiwis can hardly stay for more than two days irrespective of whether it is being stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator.


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