How Long Do External Hemorrhoids Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 10 days

Sometimes, the veins can swell around the rectum or anus, and this causes hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can clear up on their own and may require treatment as well. There are many treatments available to shrink hemorrhoids, but this depends on the severity of the hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoids would go away in 7 to 10 days.

Hemorrhoids can cause discomfort in the normal lifestyle. This may cause pain and irritation to a huge extent. Small hemorrhoids can get cleared in 5 to 7 days. In case of large hemorrhoids, the clearance time would be long, around 10 days.

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How Long Do External Hemorrhoids Last?

External HemorrhoidsHow Long Do External Hemorrhoids Last
Small hemorrhoidsUp to 7 days
Large hemorrhoidsUp to 10 days

The hemorrhoids if not gone in a few days, the person should take the doctor’s help. Hemorrhoids have many risks and some of these are:
Overweight and obesity

Chronic constipation

Muscle aging

Painful bowel movement

Chronic diarrhea

The above-mentioned factors can also increase the severity and intensity of hemorrhoids. This will make the healing period of hemorrhoids lengthier and difficult.

The hemorrhoids can heal with proper care and rest. The person should not put any type of extra pressure on the affected area for a few days till it is healed entirely. OTC (Over-the-counter) treatment is a great way to get rid of unpleasant hemorrhoids symptoms.

Phenylephrine gel (Preparation H) is a medicated product used for reducing the pain and discomfort caused by external hemorrhoids. The OTC may not work effectively in all cases, and there the person has to ask the doctor for a more effective substitute. If anyone experiences blood present in the stool because of external hemorrhoids should inform the doctor about it.

The doctor may do certain run tests to know all the possible causes of hemorrhoids. Knowing the causes of hemorrhoids will help in finding the treatments of hemorrhoids. Some of the intensive procedures as alternative treatments for severe external hemorrhoids are:

Rubber band ligation- Rubber band ligation is a good non-surgical way to get rid of hemorrhoids. In Rubber band ligation, the doctor would use a tight band to remove the hemorrhoids by cutting off the circulation to the hemorrhoids. In this way, the hemorrhoids will fall off on their own.

Sclerotherapy- The doctor in this method, tries to shrink hemorrhoids with the help of medication. The medication is injected into the hemorrhoids by the doctor.

Surgical removal- This method is recommended by doctors when there is no other way to clear the hemorrhoids. Surgical removal can prevent the regular occurrence of hemorrhoids.

Why Do External Hemorrhoids Last This Long?

Externals hemorrhoids are unpredictable and have no set duration to go. The hemorrhoids can go on their own depending on the condition of the vein around the anus. The size of the hemorrhoids is one of the crucial factors to know how long the hemorrhoids would last. In order to treat and prevent hemorrhoids, the person has to change their eating habits and lifestyle.

People can follow a diet rich in fiber content to avoid straining muscles during bowel movements. The addition of soluble fiber such as methylcellulose can help in preventing the problem of constipation. Having a good diet with plant fibers will make the hemorrhoids go in a few days.

If someone avoids eating fibers and adds junk to the diet, then the symptoms of hemorrhoids can get worse. Lifestyle is another huge factor to help and prevent external hemorrhoids. The person should maintain hygiene and should not have irregular bowel movements. The person should take shower daily and clean the area properly.

Exercises are extremely effective in helping smooth bowel movements.

Once the person will not feel the symptoms of hemorrhoids, then it’s a sign that the hemorrhoids are gone. The symptoms include:
Swollen muscles near the anus
Burning sensation
All these symptoms can happen to the affected area that is near the anus.


External hemorrhoids can go faster than internal hemorrhoids. Treating external hemorrhoids is easier because of their visibility near the anus. Pregnancy is a very common phrase to have hemorrhoids. This is due to the overweight that women go through during pregnancy. Hemorrhoids are not very dangerous for the body but can bring enormous unpleasant symptoms.

There is a huge range of medication, procedures, and remedies available to treat hemorrhoids. The person can bring a few changes in the diet and lifestyle to fight and prevent hemorrhoids in the initial stage.



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