How Long Do Stick And Pokes Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 7 Years

Many people like a pop in their life. Many cultures support different types of expressions and about 80% of the countries in the world allow body painting and tattoos. While some countries don’t support getting tattoos, some countries are okay with their citizens having tattoos on their bodies. Most countries don’t allow religious and cult symbols. Tattoos can be done using sharp needles, and some people choose a do-it-yourself stick and poke tattoos.

Many people choose stick and poke tattoos instead of needles due to reasons and many other people don’t understand why. Some people visit professional tattoo artists to get the stick and poke tattoos, while some just do the tattoos themselves. Everybody has the same question while choosing stick and poke tattoos, about how long the tattoos will last and how long the ink will last, and if it is worth the money and time.

According to the people who already have a stick and poke tattoo on them, the tattoos can last for about 5 to 10 years, when protected properly and taken good care of.

How Long Do Stick And Pokes Last

How Long Do Stick And Pokes Last?

Tattoos by a beginner5 years
Tattoos by a professional10 years
Tattoos in the hidden areas7 to 10 years

Stick and poke tattoos don’t use machines and they are entirely handmade. These tattoos can be done by using a tattoo needle or a sharp object that is similar to a needle. They are done by people who don’t exactly know how to draw a tattoo and they are just done with sharp and thick objects by people in the prison. While stick and poke tattoos are drawn by poking, even when they are done by professionals, they look homemade. They don’t have the look of a normal tattoo that is drawn on the body.

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Yet, when done by a professional artist, the stick and poke tattoos can be unique and they are nowadays known as a form of expression. They are normally chosen by people who live in communities, and though people don’t know much about them, they have been in the world for thousands of years now. When somebody uses a standard tattoo art machine to draw tattoos, and they produce over a hundred pricks into the skin and transfer the ink into layers of the skin.

Yet, the stick and poke method only uses about 20 pokes to draw the tattoo on the skin and this tattoo and the ink will be transferred into the skin by hand.

Why Do Stick And Pokes Last That Long?

The biggest difference between machine-drawn tattoos and stick and poke tattoos is that stick and poke ones are not permanent. Though both the methods use the same technique of a needle or any sharp object transferring the ink into the dermis layer of the skin when the tattoos are hand-poked, the longevity does not last as when the tattoo is done using machines. Yet, the tattoos do not last for just two to three weeks.

Stick and poked tattoos, when taken care of well, can last for about 10 years. When they are not taken care of and exposed to the sun, they will last for about 5 years. When the tattoos are in the inner body, they can last longer than the ones that are in the areas that can be exposed to sunlight and any other chemical factor that can damage the skin. Another factor that influences the duration of the stick and poke lasts is based on the person who draws the tattoo.

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When the tattoo is poked by an amateur who doesn’t know much about drawing one, the tattoo will only last for about 5 years. On the other hand, when the tattoo is done by a professional, it can last for about 10 years. The reason why the stick and poke tattoos don’t last as long as machine-made tattoos are because the ink is not placed well in the skin. The ink is normally placed too shallow in stick and poke.

The biggest disadvantage of opting for stick and pokes are, the inks sometimes can be placed too deep, and that can result in swelling, fading out, and even tattoo blowouts. When the aftercare is not done properly, that can lead to infection, inflammation, and swelling.


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