How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last (And Why?)

How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last (And Why?)

Exact Answer: 7 days  

Hemorrhoids are otherwise called piles. This is caused when the veins in your anus and lower rectum are swollen. Hemorrhoids are of two types, internal and external hemorrhoids. It is best to get treated as early as possible.

Recent studies have shown that 3/4th of adults develop this condition and that it is relapsed every now and then. Hemorrhoids are nothing to worry about as people can get cured of regular treatment and an overall healthy lifestyle. Hemorrhoids, often, shrink in about 7 days. If the time extends, you have to consult your healthcare supporter regarding it.  

How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last

How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last? 

Usually, the answer to, “how long do hemorrhoids last” varies from person to person. For some, it can go away in just two days while there are reports that state long-lasting hemorrhoids in some people. We have to take in consideration that some hemorrhoids will give pain until it is surgically removed.

These are the kind of hemorrhoids whose pain will last for months even if proper medications are taken on time. You have to consult your doctor to know if your hemorrhoids will go away with just medications. There are chances that hemorrhoids can become a regular occurrence in some people, with their presence never really going away.  

The time for it to fade away depends on what kind of hemorrhoids you have. Internal hemorrhoids go away in just 7 days and it isn’t said to cause much pain and complications whereas, external hemorrhoids are more itchy and painful, but it’s reportedly said to go away on their own in 2 to 3 days. 

It all comes down to how properly you follow your doctor’s advice. If you take your medications on time and bring in the prescribed changes in your lifestyle, you will heal a lot sooner and much better.  

Type Of Hemorrhoids How Long Does it Last? 
Hemorrhoids, in general Takes up to 7 to 10 days 
External Hemorrhoids Goes away on its own in a few days’ time 
Internal Hemorrhoids Typically takes up to a month but in some cases, a week.  

Why Do Hemorrhoids Last For So Long?  

Small or harmless hemorrhoids go away on their own without causing much trouble. On the other hand, larger hemorrhoids, the ones that come up with severe pain and other symptoms take longer to go away. ant women are sometimes prone to hemorrhoids. Research says that they only go away after they have given birth to their child. 

Hemorrhoids that do not go away in a week indicate that it needs medical or extra medical care. Giving pressure and straining your bowel movements interferes with the area’s blood flow causing it to enlarge and pool the vessels present.

This leads to your hemorrhoids to stay longer than it is intended to. Using topical treatments, oral pain killers, and maintaining a proper lifestyle is what causes hemorrhoids to shrink and fade away. This means that your hemorrhoids are cured and do not return on a regular interval.  


Hemorrhoids go away on its own and when it does not or is recurring after a period of time, you should keep your doctor informed. Other signs that you should seek medical help are if you are feeling giddy or have a lot of rectal bleeding. Typically, hemorrhoids that last for more than a week, irrespective of the proper medical care that is given to you are in themselves a sign for you to contact your doctor.  


Uneasiness while sitting or during bowel symptoms are the first found symptoms of hemorrhoids. The risk of hemorrhoids increases as you increase with age. It can be treated with medicines and therefore there is no need to raise an alarm about it.

Someone who has hemorrhoids should restrain themselves from doing strenuous activities as it causes more pressure and pain in the area affected. You will also be asked to make a lot of changes in your diet such as including protein-rich food or food that reduces bowel movement to make healing easier, if you’re someone that loves to drink tea or coffee, you will be asked to stop them.

If the precautions are taken rightly, hemorrhoids will be gone without creating any hassle.  


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