How Long Do Golden Retrievers Live (And Why)?

How Long Do Golden Retrievers Live (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10 To 12 Years

In this twenty-first century, the things which seemed next to impossible now come to their existence. Now, human life is comparatively easier than 50-60 years back, but it was not that easy thousands of years ago when the first time humans came into existence. At that time, people fought only for survival.

Their lifestyle was very tough, and they are comparatively stronger than the twenty-first human begins. They took a lot of time to understand nature, its various phenomena and evolved itself to overcome the hurdle.

When the first time humans started to settle in one place, then they realized the need for pets. They found dogs were very faithful and suitable for their work. Roughly around 30,000 years ago, first-time dogs became human pets.

Now, a variety of dog breeds are found on the earth. Golden retrievers are one among them.

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How Long Do Golden Retrievers Live?

Golden RetrieverTen to twelve years
Smaller retrieversFifteen years

Like other dogs, golden retrievers also have a general lifespan between 10 to 12 years. A study found that the smaller dogs live more than the larger dogs. The study also says that the larger dogs tend to age at a quicker pace than smaller dogs, so their life unwinds in the first motion.

Science says that larger dogs grow faster that ultimately tend to age faster. It can damage their health. They can suffer from health problems like abnormal tissue growth, cancer cells.

It says that the first year of a medium-sized dog is equal to 15 human years. The second year of a dog is the same as nine years of human life, and after then every human year is around five years of a dog. The golden retriever puppy goes through different life stages.

A golden retriever takes two weeks to open its eyes. At that time, he is dependent on his mother. At the end of three weeks, he will start to walk.

After the end of three to four weeks, teeth will start to come, then the dog can eat solid food. At the end of four months, the golden retriever loses his puppy teeth and can start sleeping through the night. Afterward, their adult teeth will become.

Why Do Golden Retrievers Live That Long?

If the dog lives in an unfavorable condition, then it will encounter various diseases and health issues. Hip dysplasia is a type of disease, which is very painful. If it is not treated on time, then the dog is unable to walk, because the disease attacks the dog ball and socket joints of the back and causes severe pain.

As retrievers have a double coat of skin, it will be a great habitat for bacteria. Parasites and fungi also can attack the skin. Allergies are common in the retriever, which leads to red and itchy skin.

The heart is the main organ that supports the whole body. Mainly larger dogs are suspected of heart and lung problems. Many times the symptoms may not be shown, but if the dog seems weak and lethargic without any reason, then immediately go to the hospital to check up.

Around 60 percent of golden retrievers sadly get cancer. If the symptoms of weight loss, difficulty while eating, lump seem, then immediately contact the surgeon. Like humans dogs also suffer from cataract disease.

Also be aware of hypothyroidism, ear infections, and von Willebrand disease. If the dog suffers from any problem then immediately go to the hospital. Try to prevent your dog from getting these diseases, because prevention is better than cure.


Dogs are considered humans’ best friends. They are very much loyal and obedient towards their owner. People also say that if you give love for a long time, the dog can’t forget you throughout his lifetime.

They can’t speak, but without a single word, they know very well how to express love. Nowadays, it seems that the dogs are treated very badly by their owner, but still, they keep loving their owner and till their last breath put their all effort to serve the owner.

It’s not a good way to treat any domestic animal, that’s why the owner must be taken care of and try to give all such possible love towards the pet.


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