How Long Do Great Danes Live (And Why)?

How Long Do Great Danes Live (And Why)?

Excat Answer: Up to 10 years

German Mastiff is an astounding dog breed that can survive 8 to 10 years or beyond the expected lifespan. Great Danes can catch many diseases, and it would be a reason for their death. The breed of dog may not survive long, but you can find some exceptional. Not only diseases but there are many other reasons that can affect the lifespan of the Great Danes.

Some of the most vital conditions that affect (influence) how long do great Danes live are health, care, and environment.
The lives of great Danes can be increased by giving them a comfortable life. You can’t control the destiny of the Great Danes, but you can give them the best life.

How Long Do Great Danes Live

How Long Do Great Danes Live?

Great Danes Life Span
Maximum lifespan10 years
Minimum lifespan6 years

Bloat and cancer are some of the most expected diseases to hit Great Danes. These diseases will not let Great Danes live longer than 10 years. If you have a Great Danes who have survived more than 10 years, then it’s a blessing. Great Danes catch diseases, like air, and would not easily recover from the phase.

The maximum a Great Dane can survive is up to 15 years, but it’s exceptional. There are some things that you can do from your side to make Great Danes survive longer. The health of Great Danes gets affected by many diseases and some of them can become extremely threatening for their life.

The Great Danes may not grapple against the diseases, as the diseases that are difficult to overcome. Diseases are the most common and recorded reasons behind the early death of Great Danes. You can take care of Great Dane to make them survive more than the expected life expectancy. To help Great Danes live a happy and healthy life, you can try out the following things:

Nutrition- The Great Danes requires good nutrition for their body. It’s not that you can feed them anything, but feed them the food they want for their health. Health disorders may come from improper nutrition. You can talk to the doctor (vet) for assuring what kind of food the Great Danes want.

Medical Check up- Doing a proper medical check-up is vital. It will help you learn more about any diseases at the early stage. Once you know the diseases then you can have a look at them. The medical check-up should be done in regular intervals. You can choose the same doctor every time, as he would give better suggestions about the dog.

Why Do Great Danes Live This Long?

The Great Danes can’t live a long life, as there are many conditions affecting their life span. The life of Great Danes is very unpredictable, as they have to go through many health issues. The most important part is not all the Great Danes recover from the heath disorders phase. You can’t say, all the Great Danes catch diseases, but most of them.

The life of Great Danes can be affected by many other factors, such as improper nutrition and an uncomfortable environment. Providing your pets with a comfortable environment is pivotal, as they will grow in the environment. Keeping your pets active is another important point for getting them in the fitness zone.

You can interact and play with your pets, as they love playing with others. If they will not be active, then it may bring down their health. Dogs should be happy to live a happy life. The lives of Great Danes are complex and filled with many life-threatening diseases. You can’t expect a Great Dane to live more than 10 years.

You can keep an eye on the Great Dane to ensure if he needs something.


Great Danes have a short life, as compared to many other breeds of dogs. You can’t make them live longer but can help them with their health. Taking proper care of your pets would definitely help them to survive long.


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