How Long Do Lip Tattoos Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 To 5 Years

Many people are fed up with reappearing lipstick every few hours and tired of getting caught in the rain and makeup running down their faces. These are small stickers applied right over one’s current lipstick or gloss color to give the appearance of fresh-looking lips for hours without any commitment.



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This is why many decide it’s time to get a lip tattoo. Lip tattoos last for years and are waterproof, so no more worries about a little rain.

The length of time lip tattoos last depends on how one takes care of them, what they eat and drink, and the frequency with which one gets the lips wet. 

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How Long Do Lip Tattoos Last?

Lip tattoos last for3 to 5 years
To get lip tattoos45 minutes

Lip tattoos can last for 3 to 5 years, but it depends on the person, how they take care of them, and other factors such as sun exposure.

If someone didn’t let air dry after applying lip lipstick or lip gloss but rather rubbed their mouth together until the product was gone–or if they ate a meal immediately afterward (causing oily food to collect increases in and around lips)–the color will wear off much faster than for someone who takes good care of her mouth area and uses touch-ups sparingly or when necessary.

Lip tattoos are still largely unpopular in the tattoo community, and this is ultimate because they heal very quickly compared to other types of tattoos. 

They also don’t take as well during the healing process, which is always a concern for people getting any tattoo. Most people can expect their lip tattoo to be gone within 3 to 5 years.

The lip tattoo trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. As a result, dermatologists are warning that this latest craze may lead to a spike in the rate of skin infections among those who don’t take proper precautions before getting “inked”. 

Not all doctors can offer laser tattoo removal as it is not FDA approved for its use on lips, but those who provide the service should be very careful as their margins for error are drastically reduced.

Why Would Lip Tattoos Last So Long?

Lip tattoos last so long because these types of tattoos are not applied conventionally. Normally, when a tattoo is made on the back of the hand, ink from an electric needle is dragged across the skin by hand dragging or by pressing a stencil. 

In either case, this technique deposits permanent ink particles into minute openings in the skin that were opened up when a tack dragged across it.

In contrast, specialist pigment liners are selected and put in pen form to make a lip tattoo. These pens have thinner tips than conventional needles, and they deposit much smaller particles of pigment into the skin through small incisions made by drawing over detailed areas such as lines and outlines.

Lip tattoos typically last longer than other tattoo types because the lip area’s layers are thinnest and have the least movement.

If one puts a layer of vaseline on their lips many times overnight, it will be much softer and easy to remove during the next “lip spa” session. 

The more scars or wrinkles on the lip, the harder it may be to get all the ink off with just one harsh scrubbing session when they might last much less when compared with other areas such as ankles or feet. This is simply because there is so much thicker tissue. One should usually wait three weeks for them to fully heal before enjoying it.


According to experts, every tattoo has a risk associated with it, including infections, swelling, rashes, scarring, and many more. There’s also more risk of infection if one eats acidic foods or citrus-filled food.

Since the tattoo experts use pigment rather than ink for lip tattoos, it looks natural while with the risk of losing color quickly.

Moreover, it is still not mainstream; many tattoo shops may refuse lip tattoos due to their increased risks. This is why it is important to get antiviral medication before getting the lip tattoo which also reduces the chance of infection. 


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