How Long Do Lithium Batteries Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 3 years

The lasting time of Lithium batteries depends on their handling and maintenance. People should never stop using the Lithium-Ion battery for more than 4 to 5 months as it may stop working. The battery may not last after completing 500 charge cycles.

With time the Lithium-Ion batteries would not be able to hold the charge properly. Usage of the battery may also affect the lasting time of the Lithium-Ion battery. Charging the Lithium-Ion battery is very important for allowing it to last up to 3 years.

People can get all the information about the charging and usage of the Lithium-Ion battery by reading its user manual or instructions in the packaging.

How Long Do Lithium Batteries Last 1

How Long Do Lithium Batteries Last?

Lithium BatteriesTime
In years3 years
In months36 months

The batteries may start self-discharging if left unused for a long time. People should check the charge status of the battery to predict the shelf life of the Lithium-Ion batteries. The charge holding capacity of the old batteries would be less than the new batteries.

Monitoring the batteries every day when the batteries are about to reach the end of their shelf life would help in making them last longer. If the run time of Lithium-Ion batteries would drop below 75 percent of the actual run time, then you should replace the battery with a new one.

If the charge time of the battery would increase unnecessarily, then the person is supposed to change it at the earliest. Everyone should follow the charging instruction of the product to make the Lithium-Ion batteries last longer.

Improper charging of the products or using different chargers may reduce the lasting time of the Lithium-Ion batteries. If someone is willing to store the battery, then try to store it separately and not with the product. The Lithium-Ion batteries would get damaged if stored in hot temperature places.

Therefore people should store the batteries at dry or normal temperature places to make them last for more than 2 years.

Why Do Lithium Batteries Last This Long?

The disposal and recycling regulations of the Lithium-Batteries may not be similar for all the countries. Therefore, people should try to check any specific rule or regulation imposed for the recycling or disposal of Lithium-Ion batteries.

Some countries don’t allow the disposal of Lithium-Ion batteries in regular outlets found in rooms or houses. The lasting time of the batteries would depend entirely on the usage, storage, and validity of the battery given by the manufacturer.

Nobody should keep the Lithium-Ion batteries around any wet thing as it would damage the battery in a few seconds. To make the Lithium-Ion battery longer, everyone should try to use it at least once every 4 to 5 months.

The lithium ions work as the key component of the electrochemistry of the advanced battery technology of Lithium-Ion batteries. The stability of Lithium-Ion batteries would be more as compared to other batteries. The energy density of Lithium-Ion batteries is higher as compared to other batteries.

The charge retention capacity of the Lithium-Ion batteries would be longer as compared to normal batteries. Lithium-Ion batteries can stay in good condition for a specific time period. Therefore, everyone should try to use the appropriate product that would be suitable for the battery.

The rechargeable battery, such as the Lithium-Ion battery requires more care and maintenance. Nobody should store Lithium-Ion batteries if it has zero charge percentage.


Poeple may not be able to charge the Lithium-Ion batteries again if they are entirely discharged. The Lithium-Ion batteries would not stay in stable condition if they are stored or kept in hot places. The person should never keep the Lithium-Ion batteries facing directly towards the sunlight.

Lithium-Ion batteries would be quite expensive. The Lithium-Ion batteries can burst if the separators of the battery get damaged. The Lithium-Ion batteries would last 2 to 3 years without any issues if all the storage and usage instructions are followed correctly.



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