How Long Does An ICloud Backup Take (And Why)?

How Long Does An ICloud Backup Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 hour

Apple gives a good way for people to save their data in iCloud. The size of data would affect the iCloud backup time. The best part about iCloud backup is that everyone can get their data back if they are going to replace their phones. All the valuable data would be stored safely in the iCloud backup.

People can’t back up anything in the iCloud that can be downloaded easily from the App store. This means anything stored or saved in the iCloud Drive and other apps would not get back up in the iCloud. If someone is going to save very little data or information, then the iCloud backup would not take a lot of time.

How Long Does An ICloud Backup Take

How Long Does An ICloud Backup Take?

ICloud BackupTime
In hours1 hour
In minutes60 minutes

There are many things that can be backed up by iCloud. Everyone should avoid storing random or unnecessary things in the iCloud to not use extra space. People can easily back up the photos and videos in the iCloud in 1 to 2 hours.

Data from the apps can be easily backed up in the iCloud and it would take 1 hour for small-sized data. For large-size data, the backup time would be more than 1 hour. People can also store the messages from the SMS, MMS, and iMessage in just 50 to 90 minutes.

Everyone can back up the iPhone settings in the iCloud in 1 to 3 hours. The size and type of file or data would influence the iCloud backup time. People can also back up the ringtones, visual voicemail password, and purchase history. The Wi-Fi speed would also affect the iCloud backup time.

People with good Wi-Fi speed can back up all the information or data in just 1 to 2 hours. The phone should be connected to the charger before starting the iCloud backup. The iCloud backup would not be possible in a few minutes. Therefore, people should hold patience for a long time.

The iCloud backup would not be possible with mobile data or hotspot. Therefore using high-speed Wi-Fi would save you time.

Why Does An Icloud Backup Take This Long?

The speed of the iCloud backup would get slow if the person has unnecessary or unused apps on the phone. People that have unused media in the phone may see a slow iCloud backup process. The iCloud backups can become excessively time taking if the content is filled with unnecessary data or information.

The phone’s model may also show fluctuation in iCloud backup time. The iPhone 12 would have a faster iCloud backup than the iPhone 11. There would not be a huge difference, but some changes would be observed. The iPhone of the person should be updated before starting with the iCloud backup.

The available space of the phone may affect the iCloud backup time. People that have no space can try to back up the data to the Mac. If someone is trying to backup data or information to a PC, then they should download iTunes on their PC.

The person should check the upload speed of the Wi-Fi to allow faster iCloud backup. If the person is having high download speed, but low upload speed, then it would make the iCloud backup process very slow. People should delete unnecessary videos or photos to make more space for the iCloud backup.

The first backup would take at least 60 minutes and then around 5 to 10 minutes every day. Most of the time, Apple would schedule the iCloud backup during the night or in the morning. Therefore people should keep their phones fully charged during the morning or night.


The iCloud backup requires good space and high-speed Wi-Fi. If someone is unable to do an iCloud backup, then they should contact Apple customer care. The first iCloud backup would take a few hours.

Therefore, people should try to do the first backup using very high-speed Wi-Fi. For other iCloud backups, people can use normal speed Wi-Fi if they have time and patience.


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