How Long After Enlisting In The Navy Is Basic Training (And Why)?

How Long After Enlisting In The Navy Is Basic Training (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Two Weeks

A navy that is also officially termed a maritime force or the naval force is a group of trained individuals appointed to serve in warfare. Their main job is to protect the nation from getting attacked by any other country using waterways. In addition, they are responsible for the safety of millions of citizens of the country.

People want to keep serving their country, and they do not want to sit at home and do nothing. They are loyal and, if the need arises, can also die for the country. They are trained in all the aspects and know the use of all the modern weapons, and can also fight someone if needed.

How Long After Enlisting In The Navy Is Basic Training

How Long After Enlisting In The Navy Is Basic Training?

The officers serving in the navy have deep knowledge of ships and submarines, and they are equipped to protect the country from any attack. Apart from this, they are also responsible for tracking the movement of local people in the oceans. Many terrorists use the means of water for entering another country as it is considered very easy. Hence it is the responsibility of the navy militants to protect the country from such evil people. They track and catch any mishappenings in the ocean and inform about the same to the higher authorities.

The militants serving in the navy are paid heavily as they serve the nation in the purest form by putting their lives at risk. Not only this, but their family members are also at risk as bad people might kidnap and torture the family members of a person serving in the navy and blackmail him for giving essential information about the working of the navy. But still, these navy people risk everything and stay away from their families for the safety and security of the nation.

Events After EnlistingTime After Enlisting
Processing PeriodAfter one week
Training PeriodAfter two weeks

After enlisting the candidates selected for the navy, they are given one week to reach the training center. After that, one week is required for processing purposes and other verification work. After that, the training period starts one week later, which is seven-week long.

Why Does It Take That Long After Enlisting In Navy For Basic training?

Getting into the navy is not a very easy task; the individuals first need to clear the preliminary examination, and after that, there is a mains examination. After clearing these two stages, there is a physical examination period in which the individuals are given many physical tasks that help the authorities determine whether the candidate has enough physical strength to be a part of the navy. After going through these rigorous tests, a final interview is conducted to test the candidate’s aptitude, personality, and mentality. If all this is good, then the person is allowed to join the navy.

After a candidate is allowed to join the navy, it has to go to the training center where, first, all the documents are verified, and a physical examination of the candidate is done. After that, the training period starts in which the candidate needs to go through strenuous training routines, and they are also taught how to use different kinds of weapons and help the group members in an emergency. For example, they have the idea of giving first aid, and in emergency cases, they also alternate methods of surgery to save someone’s life.


It takes that long after enlisting in the navy for basic training because the candidates can bid a final goodbye to their family. Serving the nation is not an easy job, and it requires a lot of grit and determination to perform such a task.


Overall, it can be concluded that the Navy is a job of pride and recognition, and it requires years of hard work and determination to get into the navy of a country. A person is taught many things in the training period, such as using weapons and other stuff. They are also familiar with various medical techniques and know-how to save a person’s life.

On average, it takes around two weeks after enlisting for the navy basic training to start. However, getting into the navy is not that easy, and it requires a candidate to clear many exams and outperform other candidates in physical training and aptitude tests.


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  1. Getting into the navy is not an easy task, and it requires a lot of effort and determination, but the training period is a testament to the hard work that is put into making the nation safer.

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