How Long Do Macbooks Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Macbooks Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to Eight Years

There has been a lot of improvements when it comes to technology. Humans have come to an age where everything happens in just a few seconds, whether it’s sending a work-related email or a video call to a friend or family member.

Especially when it comes to the medium to do all this – the computers. Nowadays, there are an array of advanced computer systems that are so compact. Laptops have become so small and now are way faster. There are many competitors in the market bringing new options every day in the market. One of the leading companies in the market is Apple and its Macbooks.

How Long Do Macbooks Last

How Long Do Macbooks Last?

Apple is a huge brand name. Apple is known for manufacturing high-quality electronic devices like PCs, Laptops, and Mobile Phones. There are other players in the market but Apple is known for the technology it uses. Apple’s technology is indeed a class apart.

Apple is a brand that has always maintained a high standard. It manages to come with features that are not present in any other brand in the same segment. Be it iPhones or Macbooks, all of them have a User Interface that is unique like MacBooks runs on macOS and not Windows.

MacBooks come from a range of Macintosh computers by Apple. Earlier, Apple announced their notebook series as iBook but, later on, they went with Macbook. Currently, there are two versions MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. 

MacBooks are known to be in the higher price range when compared to others in the segment. The reason behind Macbook being so pricey is how they get made. 

Since they get made with premium quality product and has premium quality in-built features. The MacBooks get priced high but, on the brighter side, they last for a long time. Other laptops from other brands lag in this area. They will last for a maximum of five years, post which they might start giving problems.

MacBooks, on the other hand, last for a good eight years. It will be only after almost eight years that it will start giving problems like shutdowns etc.

MacBook EditionLasts For
MacBook AirFive to seven years
MacBook ProFive to eight years

Why Do Macbooks Last That Long?

MacBooks are the laptop series from Apple that is enormously famous. They are great for all kinds of usage, whether it is minimum work like maintaining documents or heavy-duty things like editing and more. All these things are possible due to the processor Apple uses. 

Electronic items are prone to wear and tear over time. The more an electronic item gets used, the less life it will have. MacBooks too, although built for heavy use, can only last a maximum of eight years.

Other than the built quality, there are also other reasons why Macbooks will last only that long. The reasons are as follows:

  • Software Updates – Apple comes with updates from time to time. These updates have new features that can enhance MacBooks’s performance. When a MacBook is programmed and sold out, it can only support a certain number of updates. Once the MacBook is no longer updated to the latest version, it has to run on the old one. Soon enough, the old updates will no longer work. Hence, MacBook lasts only that long.
  • RAM Usage – How fast a MacBook will last depends on how long it will be of use. The more the RAM gets used, the shorter is the life of the Macbook.
  • Unlike other brands, it is not possible to replace the inner components of MacBooks, and hence eventually, it needs to be replaced.


MacBooks don’t just look good but also feel premium while working on it. There is almost nothing that can’t get done on a MacBook. It is, therefore, a great purchase option for people who want to invest in something that can last for an ample amount of time.

It is necessary to purchase the latest version of the MacBook to use it for the longest time possible. Apple products are known to be value for money. The price is on the higher side, but so is the quality. Besides, that MacBooks from Apple are much more reliable. 


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