How Long Is iPhone X (And Why)?

How Long Is iPhone X (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5.7 Inches

Apple is one of the Big Five tech companies or also known as the Tech Giants. Apple has always been a pioneer & leader in the mobile industry. 

Apple had also revolutionized the music market with its iPods. Now, it has created a dedicated set of audiences for its smartwatch range. No doubt that the best seller for Apple is still their smartphones, i.e., iPhone.

In November 2017, Apple announced its most expensive flagship iPhone, the iPhone X. Here, X is the Roman numeral ‘Ten’ and not the English alphabet X. It has the shortest tenure as a flagship smartphone for Apple.

It seems that most people have slight confusion regarding the height & length of the iPhone X. Let’s deep dive into the reasons for it.

How Long Is iPhone X

How Long Is iPhone X?

Apple launched iPhone X with a bezel-less display design and OLED screen. This made the understanding of the size of the iPhone X a bit unclear. Apple also launched iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 plus along with iPhone X. 

The screen size, which is measured diagonally, is the reason for the confusion. The super retina OLED display screen of the iPhone X has a screen size of 5.8 inches. Whereas, iPhone 8 plus has a screen size of 5.5 inches.

Now, one may think that iPhone X is bigger & longer than iPhone 8 plus. This is not true, as iPhone 8 plus doesn’t have a bezel-less design. The actual height of the iPhone 8 plus is 6.2 inches! Whereas, iPhone X is only 5.65 inches in height.

If one compares it with any Android smartphone (in the same range), then this difference becomes more obvious. At the launch time of the Apple iPhone X, Android flagship smartphones were Google Pixel 2 XL and Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone X have the same screen size (5.8 inches). The height of the Samsung Galaxy S8 was slightly bigger than Apple iPhone X. Google Pixel 2 XL has a bigger screen size and height compared to Apple iPhone X.

Height Comparision Of Apple iPhone X WithHeight Difference
Apple iPhone 8 Plus0.55 Inches
Samsung Galaxy S80.25 Inches
Google Pixel 2 XL0.55 Inches

Why Is iPhone X So Long?

Apple launched iPhone X as a flagship smartphone. They experimented with a lot of features for the first time in an Apple iPhone. The key features that they experimented with were the bezel-less display and super retina OLED display screen. 

These features made iPhone X the most expensive Apple iPhone. The screen size of the iPhone X is 5.8 inches which is less than its height. This is because the screen size is measured diagonally.

When compared with iPhone 8 plus, it is clear that iPhone X appears to be more compact. The main reason is the practically zero bezel’s design and the super retina OLED display. This display has a narrow aspect ratio compared to the aspect ratio of the iPhone 8 plus.

Apple has meticulously designed iPhone X for comfort and ease. When compared to Apple iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X is easy to carry & use. Moreover, iPhone X offers a bigger screen size than iPhone 8 plus.

Many users have mentioned positive reviews on iPhone X, especially about the height of the screen. Users can easily use their thumb to get to the other side of the screen. The same becomes difficult with iPhone 8 plus.

The main reason for Apple to design iPhone X sleek & comfortable is that it was the flagship smartphone for them. They experimented with multiple features that resulted in a design with a bigger screen size than the height of the smartphone.


Apple has designed iPhone X as just about the perfect size. The screen size is the best to view pictures, videos, and play games. The height of the iPhone X makes it easy to carry without any hassle.

Apple launched iPhone X as a flagship smartphone with multiple new features. The bezel-less design allowed iPhone X to have a compact size but didn’t compromise with the screen size.


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