How Long Do Spices Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 4 years

Many people think spices are only used for seasoning cooked food. It’s not the secret of spices as spices are used for many other delicious additions to the food. There are certain things to be considered for storing the spices properly and to make them last for a long time. Spices are the magic addition behind the cooked flavorsome food.

Spices come with outstanding health benefits that would boost human health. Many spices are used for adding color to the food and to make it look more eye-catchy. Whole spices can be stored and used for around 4 years while many spices can get and in 6 months. The shelf life of any type of spices depends on the ingredients present in the spices being used by the person.

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How Long Do Spices Last?

Spices (Shelf Life)How Long Do Spices Last
Whole spicesUp to 4 years
Powdered spicesUp to 3 years

Culinary world tag spice was good seasoning for improving the aroma and standard of the food. The spices are repeated using different processing and ingredients. The shelf life of dried spices is as long as they can be stored in dry form. If the chances of moisture contact with the spices decrease then the shelf life of the spice increases.

Spices hate moisture as it would reduce their value and shelf life. Spices are prepared using many different plant-based ingredients. The shelf life of spices can change depending on the plant-based ingredients present behind the preparation of spices. The shelf life of dried spices is considerably more than all the dried herbs.

The most important factor affecting the shelf life of spices is the processing method. The spices would have a long shelf life if it’s less processed. The whole species have originality and authenticity in them. Therefore the whole spices can go beyond the expected shelf life. Dried herbs such as chili powder and garlic powder may last around 3 years.

The shelf life of the powder spices is longer, as they can be stored in dry form. If it is about the turmeric paste then the shelf life will be less. Unground spices can be stored for around 3 years as they are very less processed. These spices are capable of holding their flavours and values for a long time. There are some spices that can be stored and used for around 3 to 4 years.

Some of these spices are mustard seeds and coriander. These spices are stored in whole spices form and are not processed.

Why Do Spices Last This Long?

The spices can last for a long time as they have the capacity to hold their properties for a long time. The whole spices are quite long-lasting as they’re natural and processing-free. The spices can come in different packaging. If the person chooses the more natural spices or gets it without processing, then the shelf life increases.

Just like herbs, spices are also sensitive to light and air. Many people prefer storing the whole spices in cool and dry places to avoid exposure to light. The contact of air and moisture can disturb the shelf life of the spices and would make it bad in a few days. The spices are required to be stored in an airtight container to help them survive for a long time.


The shelf life of spices can be affected by the way the person stores them. To increase the shelf life, try to use no processed spices.

If you store the spices in any place which won’t be suitable for the spice then it will start getting bad. The shelf life of spices would be determined by the texture, ingredients, and preparation process. The storage of spices would make a huge difference in the shelf life. There is no specific date for predicting the shelf life of spices.

Some spices may go bad in 25 months, while others can in 36 months. Therefore you should try using the spices before the expiry date if you are using the manufactured spices.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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