How Long Do Washers And Dryers Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10 To 20 Years

Among hundreds of appliances sold in the world, there are some which are more preferred than others. The reason these products are chosen more often can be due to their cost and space efficiency or they could be eco-friendly. Sometimes, one single appliance can be used for multiple purposes, like washers and dryers. Some people choose washers and dryers, while some buy washing machines and drying machines separately. Though both versions serve the same purpose, there are some differences for sure. There are multiple reasons why a person buys a washer dryer combo instead of a stand-alone washer.



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For instance, these combo machines cover the same space as that of a single washing machine, which is a great bonus for people who have limited space in their house. They are eco-friendly, space-friendly, and also cost-efficient. When a person buys a washer and dryer combo, they should know how to maintain it so that they last as long as they should. The lifespan of washers and dryers, just like every other electric appliance, depends on how a person maintains it.

In a washer dryer combo machine, in the front, there is a loading washing machine and there is also a condenser clothes dryer, which dries the clothes well after they are washed completely.


How Long Do Washers And Dryers Last?

The lifespan of washer/dryer combo machinesTime
The minimum lifespan of a washer/dryer is10 years
The maximum lifespan of a washer/dryer is20 years
The average lifespan of a washer/dryer machine is around12 to 15 years

Many think it is better to buy a washer and dryer combo instead of a stand-alone machine, because for numerous reasons. Yet, they should also know that it needs to be maintained more since it’s a two in one machine. These machines offer all the features and programs a high-end washing machine or dryer offers, in half the space.

Washer and dryer combos are the best choice when someone living in a small space wants to buy a machine. The first is certainly efficiency of space, with the same level of performance a single stand-alone machine offers. Next, there is no need to unload the wet clothes and transfer them to the dryer. The washer/dryer dries the clothes automatically, it doesn’t need any sort of manual intervention.

They are cost-efficient since running costs and purchasing the necessities cost almost the same as the stand-alone machines. Although, there are certain drawbacks. When a person uses a washer and dryer combo, only half of what is washed can be dried.

Why Do Washers And Dryers Last That Long?

On the other hand, one has to wait until the load is completely washed and dried, before putting in the next load. In the stand-alone machines, one load will be washed and can be transferred to the dryer and the next load of clothes can be put into the washing machine at the same time.

They use a lot of water to dry and wash and when a person turns towards the next option, heat-pump combos, they are very expensive. Some combos might be larger than the others and they are sometimes that reliable. Many have come to a conclusion that stand-alone machines are a bit more reliable than combos and when there is a fault or issue, it takes more money to fix. They are a bit expensive than stand-alone ones and do have complications at times.

Many things might ruin the washer/dryer. A washer/dryer should not be run more than it should be, about 2 to 3 loads per day is enough. Always install the washer/dryer by hiring a professional, because not installing them properly can lead to machinery issues. Never stuff the machine with more clothes so that they are peaking out.


When the washer/dryer is overstuffed with clothes, it will work overtime to wash all the clothes properly. This can lead to the machine breaking down sooner than it should. Never use too much detergent and some machines should be hand-washed. Never put those clothes inside the machine, and the most important one of them all is never putting sharp objects inside the machine and letting them spin.

Clean the washing machine’s dispensers, and maintain the dryer vent, by cleaning out the lint often. Normally, the minimum lifespan of a washer/dryer combo is about 10 years, if it is not maintained properly and the average lifespan is around 12 to 15 years.

The maximum lifespan, when the washer/dryer is maintained properly, is around 20 years. just like every other appliance, when maintained right, they last longer than they should.



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