How Long Do Spider Bites Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Spider Bites Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1-2 Days

When it comes to insects, the one insect that people are scared of is the spider; spiders are scarier because of their looks and eight legs; they don’t attack or bite unless they feel threatened.
There are two types of spiders venomous and nonvenomous. The bite of nonvenomous spiders does not last much as they are not harmful, but if the spider is venomous which can be dangerous for the health.
People have an assumption that any spider can bite you, but actually, it is not that common as they only bite in self-defense; when they feel threatened by you.

How Long Do Spider Bites Last

How Long Do Spider Bites Last?

Spider Type Time
Nonvenomous60 Minutes
Venomous1-2 Days or More

Many people confuse a skin rash or skin itching with a spider bite. A spider bite shows the redress in the bitten area; it can also cause some swelling and pain.
Most of the time, if the spider is not harmful and tiny in size, then you won’t even notice the bite. Spiders only bite to secure their safety. Sometimes it can be because you have accidentally trapped them, then they can attack and bite your finger.
There are many spider spices (more than 30,000) in the world, and many of them are non-venomous; Nonvenomous spiders are not harming a human, their bite can cause swelling and redness, but usually, a person feels fine in 60 minutes or less.
The bite of spiders can also be painful, depending on the size of the spider. A venomous spider bite can cause some problems. If it lasts longer than 60 minutes, then you should take the doctor’s opinion for safety.
A bite of a venomous spider can hurt a lot, and it tends to last for 24 hours or more; There are only a few venomous species of a spider; they can cause dangerous effects and can also lead to the death of a person.
Spiders don’t transport any disease, But their bites can be painful and depending on their type. They can also cause some damaging health issues for the person.

Why Do Spider Bites Last That Long?

As every spider”s type and size is different, their bite has different effects on a person; around 200 species of spiders can cause severe health problems to humans.
Most spiders have weak mouthparts (fangs), so they can not penetrate the human skin. There are many venomous spiders but, not every spider has toxic venom; most spider bites hurt less than a bee sting.
Widow spider bites and brown recluse spider bites are known to be the most dangerous spider bites as they can be deadly; although they are non-aggressive, they can attack you if disturbed or threatened.
The bite of a black widow spider can show the symptoms of nausea, cramping, vomiting, and sweating. In the case of widow spider bites, you can also feel the pain spread through the abdomen, back, and chest.
If a spider bites; then you should make sure if it is dangerous or not; if you are unable to identify it, in such case, taking the spider with you to the hospital is a better idea. Cleaning the bitten area well with water and applying ice to keep it cool can also help. A spider bite shows the symptoms just as a bug bite which includes a rash, swelling, inflamed, and redness, sometimes can also cause bacterial infection; and the venomous spider bites can show seriously noticeable symptoms.


Although most spider bites are not harmful, bites of venomous spiders can even lead to death. So In the case of a spider bite, if the symptoms get extreme and the pain is worst, then you should reach out to a doctor for expert treatment without waiting too long.
Few cases of spider bites also show allergic reactions. Especially, in children bites of dangerous spiders, like a widow spider, can be deadly, so in the case of a spider bite in a child, taking a risk is not a good choice; you should take the infected child to the hospital; as soon as possible.
Knowing more about how venomous spiders and their appearance can help you identify the dangerous spider. Keeping the insects like spiders out of the house by cleaning regularly and keeping the doors and windows closed when not needed is always the way to stay safe from spider bites.


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