How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last (And Why)?

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10 years or more (Approx)

The presence of body hair has always been seen as a problem for many, especially in females. To get rid of the body hair, various techniques have been developed. Right from shaving, waxing, and whatnot, people have gone to extents to get smooth, silky, and hairless skin. Of all the methods discovered for hair removal, laser came as a boon.

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure in which a beam of light (laser ) is concentrated on the hair follicles to remove unwanted hair from the body. In this technique, the laser is emitted, which is absorbed by hair follicles. Upon reaching the follicles, the light energy is converted into heat energy which results in the rupture of follicles which delays or inhibits hair growth. It has numerous risks associated with it like skin irritation, itching and pigmentation change, etc. In rare cases, it may cause blisters and scarring.

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

Laser hair removal requires three to six treatments. There are different durations to which laser removal lasts for various parts of the body. For the areas where the hair growth is fast such as upper lips, the treatment has to be repeated in 12 weeks.

It is very difficult to predict the results significantly. There are people for whom the result may last for months but there are also people for whom it lasts for years. There is no guarantee as to which if the hair will come back or not. But, even if hair comes back, it is a lot less thin and lighter than before. Here is a table representing the result of laser hair removal.

Condition of hair folliclesDuration up to which laser lasts
1. Completely destroyedPermanent
2. Follicles damaged not destroyedseveral months or years.

Why Does Laser Hair Removal Last For So Long?

The duration up to which the results of laser hair removal vary from person to person. It depends upon the type of skin patients have. Some of the factors that alter the result duration are:-

  1. The Skin Colour – It is said that laser works the best for light skinned people. This is because of the contrast between the skin and hair colour. It becomes easy for the ray of light to target hair follicles.
  2. Hormone levels – Hormones can alter the results simply because hair growth is largely dependent upon the hormones. If the hormone level shoots up, the hair growth can return back again. More laser sessions will be required to remove the hair then.
  3. Strength of ones hair follicles – This is a major factor to which the laser hair removal result depends on. If the person has strong hair follicles, which even after laser treatment does not get destroyed completely and are able to re-devlop again, the person will see hair growth again. On the other hand, if the hair follicles are weak and get ruptured by the laser, there is a possibility that he/she qill never see hair growth again.
  4. The Dermatologist – An experienced dermat will know how to target the right places where follicles are present which will lead to better results. Where as an unexperienced dermatologist may not be able to bring perfection in his/her work.
  5. The area to be treated – Different parts of the body have different types of hair. Facial hair are different from body hair. Hence, growth largely depends of the part of the body which is treated.


Laser indeed is an excellent way of hair removal as it is painless. Even though harmful radiations are exposed to the body, if it is done correctly it doesn’t cause any harm. The result of laser hair removal differs from person to person as it depends on several factors. For some people, it may last a lifetime but for some, it only lasts for a shorter duration of time.

If done so by a trained professional, in the right way under appropriate set-up, laser hair removal is indeed the best and long-lasting method of hair removal.


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