How Long Is Spider Man Miles Morales (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 7 Hours and 30 Minutes

Spider Man Miles Morales is a Marvel game released in 2020. The game falls in the genre of action and adventure and it is based on the life and adventures of the Marvel superhero, Miles Morales. The game was developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Marvel’s Spider Man Miles Morales can be played on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It was released on the PlayStation 4 on the twelfth November 2020 and the PlayStation 5 on the nineteenth of November, 2020. The game can only be played in single-player mode and from a third-party perspective.

How Long Is Spider Man Miles Morales

How Long Is Spider Man Miles Morales?

Format of the GameRushed TimeAverage TimeLeisure Time
Main Storyline5 hours 15 minutes7 hours 30 minutes9 hours 45 minutes
Main Storyline with extra plots8 hours12 hours 30 minutes19 hours 43 minutes
Completionists Style12 hours 45 minutes18 hours30 hours 17 minutes
All Play Styles Format7 hours 45 minutes13 hours28 hours

Marvel’s Spider Man Miles Morales has four formats that can be played, many of which are additions to the basic plot of the game. The four formats of the game are the main storyline, the main storyline with extra plots, the completionist style, and the all playstyles format. Moreover, the game can be played in the mode best preferred by the gamer, namely, rushed mode, normal mode, and leisure mode.

The main storyline of the game can be finished off in seven hours and thirty minutes on average while the rushed mode and the leisure mode can be completed in five hours fifteen minutes and nine hours forty-five minutes respectively.

The rushed, normal and leisure modes of the game take the respective time of eight hours, twelve hours thirty minutes, and nineteen hours forty-three minutes.

The completionist style of the game can be completed in a rushed timeframe of twelve hours forty-five minutes while its leisure format can be completed in thirty hours and seventeen minutes. On the other hand, the game is completed by gamers in an average time of eighteen hours.

The All PlayStyles format of the game takes seven hours forty-five minutes to be completed in rushed mode and thirteen hours in average mode. The game takes about twenty-eight hours to complete in leisure mode.

Why Spider Man Miles Morales Is So Long?

As it may be inferred, Marvel’s Spider Man Miles Morales is based on the life and choices made by the hero of the Marvel comics, Miles Morales. The game is developed upon the comic book published by Marvel and other animated movies on the same character. Similar to all other Spider Man movies, this game also depicts the difficulties of the superhero in balancing his personal and civilian life with his Spider Man life.

In this Spider Man game, the plot builds up and moves on to become a unique Spider Man movie. Miles Morales will be introduced to new powers and this game will depict him mastering those. This game will showcase as the new home city of the superhero being witnessing friction between Roxxon Energy Corporation and the Underground.

The main storyline of the game involves the superhero living in New York City. Spider Man is required to undertake and complete new missions while also unlocking new gadgets and dresses. On the other hand, the gamer also has the option to complete side missions for unlocking extra content. However, completing these side missions is optional.


Marvel’s Spider Man Miles Morales is based on comic books and animated movies based on the same character. The character of the superhero lives freely in New York City where he interacts with other characters and completes his missions. Apart from the main missions, a gamer also has the option to undergo and complete side missions to earn collectibles and other significant rewards.

A gamer playing it at a normal speed can complete the game in an average of seven hours and thirty minutes. With the addition of extra plots, the game can be completed in twelve hours and thirty minutes while its completionist format can be completed in eighteen hours.


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