How Long Do Suorin Air Pods Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 Weeks

Suorin air pods are electronic cigarette which is completely electronic used for vaping. These devices can last for at least a week or two until and unless you run out of juices or burn the wick. These gadgets are the perfect companion for those people who are called ‘chain-smokers’.

The overall look of suorin air pods is quite a classy type and the size is also small which can easily be kept inside a pocket. The packaging that the product comes with is in a white box with the company’s name written on it.

How Long Do Suorin Air Pods Last

How Long Do Suorin Air Pods Last?

Suorin Air Pods1-2 Weeks
Chargeable batteryYes
Battery-life4-5 hours

Suorin Air Pods could only last for about two weeks until and unless you run out of juice or burn the wick. Products like these are not meant to last much longer. The device is quite a small one that can catch anyone’s attention because of its unique design and also its build quality.

The device looks not very similar to an e-cigarette but it is a stealthy device. The device is used for blowing vapor by putting the Suorin Air in the mouth. The device has been used by a lot of people and many of them are satisfied with it.

The technicality of the device is unique because there is no proper mouthpiece where you can enjoy it like a cigarette. However, you just have to put the corners (top ones) in your mouth and then draw just like you would do if you had any other cigarette or an e-cigarette.

The product is unique having an on and off switch and also has a micro-USB charging port on the bottom of the metallic body. There are other things attached to the Suorin Air Pods where you can make your refills of juices from which you can get many flavours.

Since these products are refillable you do not have the option of ‘use and throw’ because you can get it refilled once in a while. There are some vaping systems which are closed and thus they need to be thrown away after it is used.

Why Does It Take That Long For Suorin Air Pods To Last?

Products like these do not much longer but Suorin Air Pods will give you a pretty decent lasting. The overall battery life and the performance of these devices are pretty decent. Compared to its size the battery rating is about 400 mAh.

If you want to use it continuously then it can last up to 4-5 hours after it is charged fully. However, that depends on the habits of each person because one might be more addicted to all these kinds of stuff than others.

Some of the other advantages of keeping this product with you are that you can even vape while charging. There will be no issue while vaping even when the device is in charge. But, whenever the battery depletes then you just have to go without nicotine.

There are light indicators attached in one of the bottom corners which are to indicate the battery charge level. It becomes easier to understand how much battery is there and when does the device needs to be charged.

The Suorin Air Pods might not satisfy people who have had the experience of large things before but the product is good for people who are into light smoking. It will at least give you the basic level of satisfaction that you want out of it and I am sure the product will be suitable for most of you.


In the end, you should know if there are any kind of side effects of using these kinds of products. It is difficult for heavy smokers to adjust to such light e-cigarettes but these products help to adjust the habit a bit.

Smoking is not at all beneficial to the health because it can cause several damages inside our body starting with the lungs and the heart. However, it is never too late to start new by keeping aside all the unnecessary habits.

The Suorin Air Pods is a good product and it is recommended that you should also buy them. Since the cartridges are refillable you can enjoy vaping for at least 10-15 days.


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