How Long Do Washing Machines Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Washing Machines Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Approximately 7 – 11 Years

Washing machines, also known by other names such as laundry machine, clothes washer, or simply a washer, is an appliance used in homes to make the process of washing clothes easier, faster, and hassle-free. It is used to wash dirty laundry i.e. clothes. A washing machine agitates the detergents and soapy liquids along with water and removes any dirt or stain on clothes, thereby cleaning the clothes and making them fit to wear again.

The washing machine contains a barrel that spins and in the process cleans the dirty clothes. The barrel is filled with water and rotates at a high speed to ensure that the water removes the dirt and stains from the clothes. After the clothes are cleaned, the water in the washing machine is drained off and the clean clothes can then be put for drying.

Washing machines can be majorly classified into two types: manual or semi-automatic and automatic. Nowadays, most people prefer automatic washing machines in which every washing process happens automatically with just a click of a button. Most washing machines even come with a built-in drier that considerably dries the clothes after washing after which the clothes can be put out in the sunlight for complete drying.

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How Long Do Washing Machines Last?

The expected lifespan of a washing machine on average is about 7 years. However, if the washing machine is kept in good condition and well-taken care of, the washing machine can even last for up to 20 years. Electronics tend to last long when they are handled with proper care and maintained properly.

The life of a washing machine will depend on several factors like the quality of the model of the machine, its effectiveness, the number of clothes put in it daily, the ongoing frequency of use of the machine, and many other factors. The lifespan of the machine can also vary on the type of washing machine like whether the machine is a top-load or front-load machine.

Thus, if a washing machine is being used by a person living alone, such a machine will last longer as compared to a machine in a family with many members.

Type Of MachinesDuration
Top-loading washing machines7 – 10 years
Front-loading washing machines11 – 13 years

Why Does A Washing Machine Last This Long?

A washing machine is a necessity in some households for washing clothes. Thus, it is important to maintain one’s washing machine in the best way possible to ensure that it has a long-lasting lifespan.

Washing machines are rated by the number of cleaning cycles they perform before they break or are unable to function effectively. A good washing machine can handle about 5,100 cycles. However, a low-budget washing machine might only work with the highest efficiency for about 4,000 cycles. It must be noted that high-end washing machines could even work up to 8,000 cycles. Thus, it can be concluded that the lifespan of the machine could vary depending upon its model.

An easy solution to extend the lifespan of any appliance is to wash less. By washing less one reduces the cycle the machines need to complete thereby making the machine last longer than usual. Also, if the washing machine has become too old, its effectiveness can be brought up by regular repairs and maintenance. A little effort on the washing machine’s maintenance can add years to the washing machine’s life.

Also, washing machines should never be overloaded with clothes and this can considerably shorten their lifespan. Overloading the machine can also make the machine work harder thereby stressing its motor and other components which can cause its parts to wear down quickly.


Washing machines, as the name suggests are machines that assist in washing laundry. The lifespan of a washing machine is heavily influenced by factors like the quality of the model, frequency of use, etc Some machines can last for decades without major wear and tear while some might require repairing every 5 to 10 years.

On average most washing machines have a life span of about 7 to 11 years. The machines will last longer if they are judiciously used and not treated badly. When taken good care of, washing machines can easily last for about 15 years. Along with proper usage, washing machines can also be regularly checked for maintenance to ensure the machine has a long life.


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