How Long Is A Driving Test (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 40 Minutes

A driving test is a requirement of many state governments in the United States. The time for a driving test varies state by state, but it can take 40 minutes to complete.

Driving tests are designed to be tricky, but they’re not impossible. The best way to prepare for the driving test is by practicing with a parent or guardian in the passenger seat. 

Depending on the state, it may involve 1 to 3 possibilities of tests like independent driving and emergency stops by the driving examiner. Drivers need to incorporate these tests well to pass.

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How Long Is A Driving Test?

Driving license40 minutes
Age to get a licenseMinimum 16 years of age

The United States offers the course requirement for everyone seeking a driver’s license (drivers must pass their written knowledge and skills tests before they are eligible to take the driving exam). However, this varies across countries, so consulting the local traffic office would be best.

With that being said, if one has the permit, it shouldn’t take more than 40 minutes for the actual test.

Sometimes, drivers need to provide different documents or bring along their foreign equivalents to pass their by-default exam under this province’s process guidelines, including everything from safety instruction courses to taking an Education curriculum.

The process to get the driver’s license or learner permit doesn’t take more than 40 minutes, but one will need to allow for set-up time beforehand.

It’s safe to say it won’t cost more or get certified by the DMV, whatever costs come with obtaining proper identification prerequisites (i.e., birth certificate) before coming into the office.

The process itself doesn’t take up more than 40 minutes; what will probably take the longest is gathering all the necessary documents beforehand, which could potentially run up an hour or two worth of time.

Some driving schools offer classes for individuals who are 18 years of age. However, drivers under 18 can learn at specialized driving schools or through private lessons, which many parents see as an investment in the safety of their children when they become independent. 

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For most countries, a driver’s license is necessary to drive legally, and it may also serve as one’s photo ID in some jurisdictions. 

To take the driver’s course, one must first pass written and behind-the-wheel tests. In other words, one needs 60 hours of training before taking the two mandatory exams.

Then, live in a state that requires an instruction permit exam as part of the driver’s education curriculum. It will take time for the application to go through and be approved before one can schedule or take one at any Department of Motor Vehicles/ office that offers them. 

There’s also the issue with scheduling time to sit down and take it – this may be difficult considering how busy offices can get during certain periods for various reasons.

Driving tests take 40 minutes. The examiner will check that one knows how to safely use the various controls and functions of the vehicle, such as adjusting mirrors, signaling, switching gears and pedal positions-and holding a conversation simultaneously.

The test is designed to simulate real driving conditions, so one can do all these things while also carrying on a conversation while one drives through a residential neighborhood.

The purpose is not only for safety purposes but also to see if one has difficulty multitasking, which would make them think twice about issuing a driver’s license since driving isn’t just about being able to read road signs or properly steer the car.


Getting a driving license certifies that one knows the rules and regulations of traffic flow in the country, and passing means demonstrating safe enforcement. 

The rules vary depending on where someone is located geographically, but most include knowing all directions, multitasking, and signs.

The examiner will be checking one’s driving while receiving instructions on where to go. The examiners establish the test routes intended to cover as many varied roads and traffic conditions as possible within a given radius of the test center. Expect the examination to cover all sorts of junctions, from quiet residential crossings to large intersections.



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