How Long Do You Have To Change Your Name After Getting Married (And Why)?

How Long Do You Have To Change Your Name After Getting Married (And Why)?

Exact Answer: No limit

There is no such time limit for changing the name after getting married. The woman can change the name anytime, according to her preferences after marriage. The name change process after the marriage is a time taking, as the people have to do a lot of paperwork.

There are many steps and rules that are followed to change the name of a person after marriage. These steps require important documents that have to be submitted for the process.

The marriage certificate is the proof of your marriage, and it has no effect on changing the surname of any person. There is no such law that forces or mandates the woman to change her surname or name after marriage.

It completely depends on the women, if they want to take the name of their husbands or not.

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How Long Do You Have To Change Your Name After Getting Married?

Name Changing After MarriageHow Long Do You Have To Change Your Name After Getting Married
Minimum timeNo limit
Maximum timeNo limit

The name-changing process is not that easy as the person has to go through many legal proceedings to get the court order. Once the name is changed, then the woman would have to change the name in some documents as well.

For example, after the name is changed, the woman will have to change the name in bank accounts and credit cards. The woman is supposed to file a petition if she wants to modify her name by any chance.

Changing, modifying, or creating a new name will require legal processing that can be done by the court itself. The rules for having a new name will vary from state to state, but everyone would have to get it done by getting a court order.

Once the woman’s name is changed after the court order, then a new procedure is supposed to be followed for changing the name in official documents. The name-changing process for brides after marriage would be a tiring process. A person has to visit the government offices many times.

The person before changing the name should understand the whole legal procedure for name changing. It’s important to take the help of a lawyer for the registration process. As the lawyer would have great knowledge about the legal procedure.

Why Do You Have To Change Your Name This Long After Getting Married?

There are a few things that someone has to do correctly after the name-changing process is completed. These are:

Step 1- Everyone has to arrange all the documents required in the process. Marriage license certified copies are the most vital documents required. The marriage-related documents are provided with the marriage certificate.

If someone replaces the documents somewhere, then the person can get it by applying again.

Step 2- The woman needs a social security card for the processing of the application. Everyone can apply for it through an online platform or can get it from the office. The second step is to let the government know about your new name.

Step 3- The woman must update her new name in the driving license. For this, a social security card is required. There will be some states charging fees for the renewal of driving licenses.

Step 4- The person has to get another passport with a new name. If the person has just recently issued the passport and one year is not passed, then the person can get the name corrected in the passport. The person should also change the old name in the bank accounts.


The name-changing process is very flexible with very less limitations. The person has to take the help of a professional to know all the steps correctly. Incorrect document submission will call for delay in the name-changing process.

The woman has the liberty to change the name according to her preferences and can do a few modifications.



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