How Long Does It Take To Get An MBA (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take To Get An MBA (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 years

Master of Business Administration degree would require around 2 years. The student would get to learn a lot of things about the business field. The MBA degree would improve the student’s knowledge of accounting and project management.

The length of the MBA degree would depend on the person’s preference and degree program. Not all the schools offering MBA degrees would have the same guidelines and rules for the students. The student should always try to understand the structure of the degree program.

How Long Does It Take To Get An MBA

How Long Does It Take To Get An MBA?

Master Of Business AdministrationHow Long Does It Take To Get An MBA
Minimum time12 months
Maximum time24 months

All the schools offering MBA degrees would have different types of curriculum. The course division and the time of teaching would not be the same for all the colleges and schools. The typical program requirements should be understood by the students before getting admission to the university.

The student has to complete the course work and curriculum to get the degree. The core curriculum is mainly planned to make the fundamental business knowledge of the student stronger. The core curriculum would also help in enhancing the student’s knowledge about the business.

The core set of the business programs would involve marketing, finance, leadership, operations, and accounting. The core courses would take around 24 months to get completed. If the person is involved in the 2 year enrollment program, then it would take the first year to get covered.

Another huge factor is if the person is enrolled in a part-time or full-time program. If the person is enrolled in the accelerated program, the length of the course would be around 16 months. There are some types of accelerated programs that would get completed in 11 months.

The elective courses are done after the completion of core courses. The person, after completing the core courses could do the elective courses, according to the student’s specialization. The student should find out its strengths and weaknesses. The student should do research on elective courses to know which ones are in demand.

Why Does It Take This Long To Get An MBA?

The length of the MBA program depends on the following factors. These are:

Mode of the program- The student can complete the course online or by visiting the campus. The on-campus MBA degree programs would not give much flexibility to the students. As the students have to go and attend the classes physically.

The online degree programs are extremely flexible and the person can manage many other works at the same time. The student would be able to submit the assignment online and can give the tests virtually.

Part or Full-time enrollment- The part-time and full-time enrollment would make a huge impact on the length of the course. Some schools or colleges offer 9 credits each semester. The credit would be different for each semester in different universities.

Full-time enrollment would be better as it would help the students to acquire knowledge in a better way.

Fast track Vs Standard MBA program- Some schools or universities offer the completion of MBA programs in just 12 months under the fast track MBA program. On the other hand, the standard MBA program would get completed in 24 months.

Graduate Management Admission Test is required for getting enrolled in the MBA degree course. Sometimes, the person may not be asked for submitting the GMAT score to get admission to the online MBA program.

Skipping the Graduate Management Admission Test would not affect the length of the MBA program, but this would save some time before beginning the course.


It’s vital to choose the MBA courses that would be suitable for the student’s preferences. Choosing the MBA courses with a time length of 6 months would not be worthy. As the short course may not cover all the required subjects.

The full-time MBA courses are good for people who entirely want to build a career in accounting, finance, or business field. Doing proper research about the course structure, time length, and documents requirements is pivotal.


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