How Long Does An Eye Exam Take (And Why)?

How Long Does An Eye Exam Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 1 hour

There are many types of eye examinations. Some eye exams may focus on reading letters while other would be more complicated ones. The time required for each type of eye examination would be different.

Some eye exams would end in 10 to 15 minutes if it is just about testing the power of the eyes. In some tests, digital imaging devices are used and this would take more time.

In these complex tests, digital imaging devices are used to check and examine the blood vessels present inside the eyes. The comprehensive eye examination would take around 60 minutes to clearly examine all the structures of the eyes.

How Long Does An Eye Exam Take

How Long Does An Eye Exam Take?

Eye ExaminationHow Long Does An Eye Exam Take
Minimum time20 minutes
Maximum time60 minutes and more

The comprehensive eye test includes different types of tests that would take more time. The purpose of the eye examination would also affect the time length. Some people do eye examinations for detecting any eye disorder.

In such a situation, the person would have to get the whole eye examination done. If a person is facing issues while reading or writing, then the person has to do the lens power test. This test would be over in 20 to 30 minutes.

Test such as visual acuity, cover test, Retinoscopy, and slit-lamp examination is covered in the comprehensive eye examination. All these tests take some time as the doctor would use different instruments to check the internal condition of the eye.

The comprehensive eye examination doesn’t include the fitting of the contact lens. People with minor eye issues may not have to do additional tests and this would save time. People with extremely severe eye problems would have to go through various tests and medication.

Paediatric eye exams are not similar to normal eye examinations. The children’s eye examination is done by the doctor to know the condition of the eye. The eye examination would be conducted by the optometrist.

The optometrist is specially trained for scrutinizing and examining all the parts of the children’s eye. The contact eye lens examination would take around 45 minutes. The eyeglasses examination is different from the eye lens examination.

In eye lens examination, many special tests and instruments are used.

Why Does An Eye Exam Take This Long?

In the simple eye examination, the process is quite small as the doctor would only check the eye using a machine. In the comprehensive examination, the doctor would do the following test to check the whole eye.
Visual acuity test- In this test, the doctor would test the sharpness and power of the eye. In this, the person is supposed to read out the projected eye chart. The whole motive is to know and examine the distance visual acuity.

Colour Blindness test- This is the test done to check the colour vision of the person. The doctor would be able to find out any issues with the person eye that would cause colour vision issues.
Cover test- This test is done by testing the eyes alternatively to know how they work to see a fixed target.

Eye movements testing- Ocular motility testing is done to know the eye’s power to follow a moving object.
Stereopsis test- This test is done to measure the depth perception of the eye.
Retinoscopy-This test is done to know if the person has cataracts or keratoconus.

There are many other tests such as refraction, slit lamp examination and auto refractor and aberrometer. The blind spots in the person’s eye could be tested by doing a visual field test. In the pupil dilation test, the doctor would be able to get a wide view of the eye’s internal structure.

The pressure of the eye is measured and tested with the help of glaucoma tests. All these tests would take different times and would make the whole eye process extremely lengthy.


The eye examination is not done in a single test. There will be a series of tests to be done for checking the whole function and all the parts of the eye. Some eye issues may get treated with medications while others will ask for surgery.

Everyone going for a regular eye check should hold the patience for around 45 to 60 minutes.



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