How Long Do You Have To Quarantine (And Why)?

How Long Do You Have To Quarantine (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 14-17 Days

The restriction on the movement of the people is called quarantine. This restriction of not allowing people to travel freely in the country or outside the country is for the betterment only. The people who are infected with deadly viruses and bacteria need to be kept in isolation till their recovery period. Thi practice of isolating the infected individual from the others is to stop or break the chain of communicable diseases which are at high risk for the community spread.

The quarantine is somewhat different from medical isolation. In medical isolation where the infection is completely diagnosed, they are kept away from the healthy population. Quarantine is a safe practice.

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How Long Do You Have To Quarantine?

The idea of isolation i.e keeping the infected people away is not new, from many decades in the past this is been practiced to save the existence of humans. Striking isolations in current history with several episodes or situations of isolation. During the year 1665 in the town of Eyam, there was a widespread plague that resulted in using quarantine practice. In the 1918 influenza pandemic, 1972 smallpox, 2020 covid-19 are some of the deadly infections that led to the quarantine.

One of the most deadly diseases which was at its peak was Black Death Plague. The passenger traveling from boats, and trains need to stay isolated before interacting with the outside world. Quarantine is particular from clinical disconnection which needs to be clinical isolation if the infection is positive with the proper medical facilities for their speedy recovery.

In the twentieth and 21st hundreds of years, individuals associated with conveying irresistible illnesses like tuberculosis in 2007, and Ebola in 2014 were kept away from the population with no connection or contact with the outside world. Few nations executed measures to control the spread of the sickness mainly in the year 1957-8 with a flu pandemic, and 1968 influenza pandemic. The flue observation organization was started by the World Health Organization to watch the countries.

DiseasesDuration Of Quarantine
Covid- 1914-17 Days
Ebola Virus24 Days

Why Do You Need To Quarantine For That Long?

In the year 1994 India had to face a ready disease named plague which was mainly caused due to rats. The individuals who used to travel from one place to another using public transports were kept in isolation for some time. The vessels and airplanes were disinfected frequently to lower the risk of infections. The same type of situation occurred in 2019 in Chine where people were dying due to the deadly virus corona virus. The people were kept in isolation to avoid community spread, and the whole country isolated itself for some time to control, the situation.

The new hospitals were set up with a proper isolation facility for the patients who were brought to the hospital. Several changes were made in every field like in offices, schools, homes, and almost the whole world just got changed in just months. The word quarantine came to be known by almost every individual. This word just changed the life and the way of living for everyone in the world.

Isolation is not simple and easy for anyone. Human is a social animal who needs to be around people, have social contact. The people who are kept in isolation not just suffer physically, but especially suffer mentally too. Getting isolated has a very bad impact on one’s mental health causing anxiety, depression, nausea, and making you feel alone in the world which increased the suicide rates in many countries.

The quarantine can have unfriendly mental impacts on the isolated, including post-horrendous pressure, disarray, and outrage. Longer quarantine span, disease fears, disappointment, fatigue, deficient supplies, lacking data, monetary misfortune, and disgrace. In circumstances where quarantine is considered significant, authorities should isolate people for no longer than required. The reasonable reasoning to isolation and data about conventions and guarantee adequate supplies are given.


Isolation is important in some cases, but it should not affect someone mentally and availability to the basic needs. New improvements for isolation remember new ideas for isolation vehicles. There are some examples like emergency vehicle transport, versatile clinics, and lockdown/clearing (reverse departure) strategies.


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