How Long Does 15GB Of Hotspot Last (And Why)?

How Long Does 15GB Of Hotspot Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Approximately 40 to 50 hours

15GB of mobile data made hotspot is quite an amount. The usage or the consumption will determine the duration for which this will last. It is estimated to last approximately 40 to 50 hours if used on low resolution. But it is important to note that this time varies from person to person and situation to situation considering the purpose of the usage as well as the number of people using it.

How Long Does 15GB Of Hotspot Last

How Long Does 15GB Of Hotspot Last?

On the off chance that you merely had 15GB of data to use, at that point numerically talking you could last for approximately 50 hours in case you’re doing these activities in low definition. Watching Netflix, or any other streaming platform is aiming to be an action that uses more information than most activities you may be doing.

The 15GB tethering restraining limit applies as it were to hotspot/tethering utilization, not to utilization straightforwardly on a smartphone or tablet. But once you cross the 15GB constrain, your capacity to share your connection is moderated down to 600kbps 24/7 until your charge cycle resets – no matter what the level of tower blockage.

ActionData Consumed in One hour
Streaming musicUp to 150MB
Netflix or other video streamingFrom 250MB
EmailLess than 1MB
Web browsingApprox. 60 MB

Why Does 15GB Of Hotspot Last That Long?

It all depends on what you spend your data on and how long it’ll last. Each action that uses the web uses a distinctive sum of data and the speed of how quickly that data is utilized is based on your download or transfer speed. Streaming video is one action that employments an expansive sum of information, whereas tuning in to music or sending emails doesn’t utilize close to the amount of the data. If you merely had 15GB of information to utilize, at that point mathematically talking you’ll last for almost 50 hours on the off chance that you’re doing these activities in low definition.

Streaming Disney Hotstar, Netflix, or any other streaming platform is going to be an action that consumes more data than most activities you may be doing. You may expend 700MB per hour for 21 hours and utilize all of your 15GB. On the off chance that that’s all you have got for the month, at that point you will need to remain away from streaming videos and other high data consuming activities on your mobile hotspot. Watching Youtube falls into this category as well since you’ll be streaming videos to avail the services of Youtube.

In case you were to utilize one of the least definitions to stream, you’ll be able to make your data last longer. By utilizing 240p video you may use 8MB for every 5 minutes, but at 1080p you’d be utilizing 62MB every 5 minutes, which could be an expansive sum to be spending. You may only watch Youtube for up to 20 hours as well. Streaming music on Spotify will provide you with much more time with 15GB of data.

You’d only need to utilize 1GB for every 7 hours and you’ll tune in to music for over 100 hours. Browsing social media or the net is the foremost productive way to utilize your information since it only devours 50KB or beneath for each refresh. It is imperative to pay consideration to what activities you’re utilizing on your portable hotspot so your data doesn’t get away from you.


15 GB of mobile data is a large sum of data to be utilized. Downloading apps, updating the phone or tablet or even a PC, playing games, watching youtube or Netflix, streaming other videos and movies, along with normal social media activity, web browsing, etc will be very much possible. A breakup of the amount of data for each of the more common activities is given in a tabular form above.

It is important to keep in mind that, data or hotspot usage is dependent on the available range and bandwidth along with each person’s usage or consumption due to the activities being conducted. It is not possible to give an exact figure for the time during which 15 GB of data will last, but it is a quantity that can be approximately calculated using the known factors such as internet speed, the data consumption of each activity, and also the number of people using the connection.


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