How Long Does A Bee Sting Last On A Dog (And Why)?

How Long Does A Bee Sting Last On A Dog (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 24 hours

A bee sting can stay for around 24 hours in a dog. The intensity of the bee sting would decide how long the sting can show symptoms. The type of sting would also make a huge difference in the lasting time. The single bee stings would go in 12 to 24 hours.

If the dog gets multiple stings, then it would not stay for more than 24 hours. In some cases, the dog may show symptoms such as collapsing and dizziness which would last for more than 24 hours. The symptoms of bee stings may differ in all the dogs depending on their body type and health condition.

The dog owners can try out a few medications to fight the symptoms such as swelling or redness. The puppy or older age dogs may show more serious symptoms than the adult dogs.

How Long Does A Bee Sting Last On A Dog

How Long Does A Bee Sting Last On A Dog?

Bee StingTime
In hours24 hours
In seconds1440 seconds

A bee sting would go on its own, but some dogs or pets may ask for medical help. The swelling is a big symptom that every pet may see after the bee sting on a dog. The owners can try to remove the stinger if found inside the skin of the dogs. As the stinger would inject the venom inside the skin of the dogs.

Nobody should use tweezers to take the stinger out from the skin as it may make the venom sac release the venom into the skin. Cold compress would be a good remedy or therapy to reduce the swelling or inflammation of the skin. Everyone can just take a clean towel or paper towel and wrap a few ice cubes in it.

Then they can apply it to the affected area to prevent excess swelling. The venom is normally acidic in nature which needs something to neutralize its effects. People can use baking soda to neutralize the acidic venom. Everyone can apply water and baking soda paste on the impacted area to help the dog recover soon.

People can consult the doctor to advise any medication or treatment for the bee sting. If the dog gets any serious allergic reaction, then the veterinarian may ask the owner to give steroids or antihistamines to the dogs.

Why Does A Bee Sting Last For This Long On A Dog?

The bee sting may bring both serious and mild symptoms. The symptoms of the dog would decide how long the bee sting effects would stay. The dogs with minor skin inflammation or swelling would get recovered in just 6 to 20 hours.

Dogs with symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and breathing issues may have to wait for 24 to 48 hours to recover. The dogs with severe health problems after a bee sting may have to take intravenous fluids for recovering faster.

The dogs who have skin allergic symptoms may see the face swelling not going for 24 to 48 hours. Many dogs would not be able to show instant symptoms of a bee sting. As the symptoms may take 15 to 45 minutes to get visible. The location and number of stings would affect the lasting time of the symptoms of a bee sting.

If the dogs are extremely allergic to the venom, then they may get serious bee sting symptoms. If the dog develops very severe symptoms after a bee sting, then the owner should take the dog to the veterinarian immediately. Nobody should rub the affected area of the dogs as this may cause the venom to spread.

The mild symptoms can be treated with remedies, but the severe symptoms would ask for hospitalization. Sometimes, the dogs may not show the symptoms before 30 minutes and the venom may cause internal allergies. This would make the dog show health disorders with very little swelling.


The lasting time of the symptoms of a bee sting depends on the health and age of the dogs. The old-age dogs may get serious due to venom allergies inside the body. The single bee sting symptoms would not be very serious.

The dogs who get multiple bee stings would not recover before 24 hours if they develop very serious venom allergies. Every dog owner needs to consult a veterinarian immediately if they see difficult symptoms in the dog.

Dogs who face breathing troubles may host many other health disorders if not provided with treatment immediately.


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