How Long Does it Take for SAT Scores to be Sent – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 13 days

When applying for college, knowing how long it takes to submit SAT scores is essential. By knowing this, you will be able to plan for the right time to sit for SAT. You will want to ensure that the time you will be sitting for your SAT, you will be able to achieve your target score.



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This will help you enroll to the school you most prefer before the deadline. Since SAT score is critical, in this article, we shall discuss how long does it take for SAT scores to be sent and why.

How long does it take for the SAT score to be sent?

When your SAT scores are available online, you will be able to order your score report. When sent, it will take approximately one to two weeks before your preferred college receives your SAT score.

The reason for the slightly variable in time is that colleges do not receive your SAT score instantly when the College Board sends it. Every college has a preferable way of receiving the SAT scores and how often they will be receiving the SAT scores reports directly from the College Board.

Most colleges prefer receiving the scores electronically via software that helps in filing your score along with your application documents. Furthermore, colleges select the frequency in which they will be downloading the SAT score themselves. This can vary from once per day to once per week, depending on the college.

Why does it take that much to send SAT?

Usually, the SAT score takes 13 days to be released once you sit for them. However, the time taken to receive your SAT differs mainly from the type of SAT you took.

For instance, SAT scores with multiple choices take 13 days before being released. Whereas, SAT scores with essay, you will receive the essay score around two to five days after receiving the SAT multiple-choice score.

This will take a total of approximately 15 to 18 days after sitting for your SAT. Once you receive your scores, your college will receive it within ten days. However, this will depend on your college, as previously stated.

What you should know before ordering for rush reports?

When you need your SAT score to be delivered faster than the standard delivery, you might consider ordering a rush report which comes at an extra fee. However, there are things you should consider before ordering a rush report;

  1. Rush reports are usually delivered within one to two business days. These days do not consist of weekends and holidays.
  2. You will be eligible for rush reports once your SAT scores are released.
  3. You cannot change or cancel rush reports.
  4. You should contact the institution where the SAT score is sent to. This is because, with the rush reports, you are not assured that the institution will process the scores for you quickly.
  5. When applying for early action or early decision, you check if the college accepts October and November scores in order to meet deadlines.


When sitting for SAT, you usually, you are assigned to four colleges where you will send free scores reports. These scores will be sent on the same day you receive your SAT score results.


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