How Long After Bee Sting Allergic Reaction (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 Hours

A bee sting is one of the painful things that anyone can ever experience in their life. Swelling, redness, severe pain, and other such kinds of things can happen for at least seven days. However, most people get allergic soon after a bee sting. There is also a chance that the person could die.

The symptoms mentioned above if worsens even after a few days then it is best you see a doctor as soon as possible. Anaphylactic reaction after a bee sting starts after at least two hours of the incident and progresses rapidly.

How Long After Bee Sting Allergic Reaction

How Long After Bee Sting Allergic Reaction?

Symptoms like pain, redness, and other such thingsCould last for up to seven days or more.
Anaphylactic reaction startsSoon after the incident within 2 hours.

A swelling and severe pain will occur soon after a bee sting and you should immediately consult with a doctor and do the necessary steps. Make sure you keep the area as clean as possible so that there would be no further damage occurring in or near the infected area.

However, there is also a slight chance that the bee sting reaction could be delayed but that kind of situation is uncommon and occur even days or up to a few weeks after the sting has happened. However, these reactions constitute only less than 0.3% of all the reactions to insect stings.

A bee sting might sound just a small issue but when you face some kind of situation then you can even have the danger of losing your life. The reaction that happens soon after a bee sting called an anaphylactic reaction could be a life-threatening allergic reaction to the person.

However, the main symptoms of the allergic reaction are hives with trouble breathing and swallowing. The reaction is quite rare because it could happen only to 4 out of a thousand children. But, it is still a danger and you should be able to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Why Does It Take That Long To React After Bee Sting?

The allergic reaction will start after two hours of the incident where some rare symptoms could be seen. If those symptoms are seen make sure you don’t ignore them and try to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Even if you don’t have any complications after your first bee sting and did not have a severe allergic reaction and other such symptoms. But, your next reaction might not be the same because you could be more in danger than your previous one. The allergic reaction which you will have next time could get worse.

It is not necessary that a bee sting allergic reaction will occur within two hours after a bee sting. However, local reactions could start developing quickly. You need to make sure that you remove the sting as soon as possible because the sooner you remove the stinger, the sooner you can stop the toxins from spreading into your body.

The area will start to become itchy after a certain time and additionally, there will be severe pain in the area where the bee has stung. The person will experience severe pain for at least two hours after the incident and the pain is something that is unbearable.

Make sure you see or visit a doctor as soon as possible because you could show some symptoms which are rare and are not known to the doctors. Things like that should be handled properly and with utmost care and that is why do not leave the area untreated but rather show it to a doctor.


In the end, it is your health that matters the most. A bee sting can happen to anyone and anywhere so it is your duty to be responsible for your health. Things like these could be life-threatening dangerous and one should act quickly when such things happen.

The best thing you could do is see or visit a doctor as soon as possible because the doctor will perform certain tasks which you cannot do on your own at your house. Therefore, it is always best to show the infected area to the doctor and the doctor will take care of it.


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