How Long Does A C Section Take (And Why)?

How Long Does A C Section Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Half An Hour

Cesarean section, popularly abbreviated as c section, is the method of delivery of babies. This method of delivery of a baby or more than one baby involves the surgical procedure of making a cut or incision in the mother’s abdomen. It is from this cut in the incision, that the doctors bring the baby out.

This method of delivery is in stark contrast to the vaginal method of delivery. The vaginal method of delivery is the traditional method of delivery in which the baby comes out naturally. Usually, the c section is preferred over vaginal when the latter may lead to either the baby or the mother at risk.

How Long Does A C Section Take

How Long Does A C Section Take?

Steps In C SectionTime Taken
Preparation10 to 15 minutes
Delivering Baby5 minutes
Repairing the incision15 to 20 minutes

A c section method of delivery can be completed within an hour, although it may take a minimum of half an hour. Thus, the average time taken in a c section delivery is estimated to be around forty-five minutes.

The cesarean section method of delivery can be conducted in three different stages. The first stage is the preparation for delivery, the second stage is the delivery of the baby or babies while the third stage consists of repairing the incision.

The first stage of the method takes about 10 to 15 minutes. This stage requires the anesthesiologist to administer a spinal anaesthetic to the mother. After that, the doctors will proceed to make a small incision in the abdominal area of the mother to bring the baby out.

The second stage of the c section is the main and crucial stage. In this stage, the baby is brought out of the mother’s womb through the incision made in her abdomen. This stage takes only about five minutes in getting the baby out.

The third stage of cesarean delivery is the stage for the repair of the mother. In this stage, the incision is sealed after proper medical procedures. This stage takes nearly 15 to 20 minutes and is critical for the future of the mother.

Why A C Section Takes That Long?

A cesarean section or c section is not what every mother has to go through. The method was not even well known before the nineteenth century. However, with the advancement in science and technology, the method gained popularity as it led to a reduction in fatalities related to child deliveries.

The demand for cesarean sections increased under some complex health problems. These problems made it necessary for all the medical staff to follow all the due procedures and take extra care for the better execution of the surgery. The delivery of a child by a mother is one of the most painful things and thus, has to be treated with empathy and patience.

If the child to be born is oriented towards the wrong way in the mother’s abdomen, the need for a c section increases. A c section will help eliminate the risks of breech birth. In addition to that, if the mother has to give birth to more than one child, there would be more risks of complications increasing the need for a c section.

There may also be cases with the proper progress of labour. There have to be enough contractions that would make it easier for the mother to push the child through the vagina. However, in certain cases, the contractions are not enough which leads to the need for a c section.


A Cesarean Section method of delivery is required for action when there are problems or complications with either the mother or the child. In such a case, there might be a risk to the safety of the mother and child. To eliminate such risks, a c section is best suited.

A c section surgery would take up anywhere between half an hour to an hour. 15 minutes is required for surgery, 5 minutes for the child to be out and 15 minutes for the incision to be stitched. The c section surgery has to be executed with utmost care and patience for the safety of the duo.


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