How Long Does Acid Stay In Your System (And Why)?

How Long Does Acid Stay In Your System (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 hours to 3 months

Some drugs are used for medicinal purposes, while some are just used for pleasure and intoxication without any advantageous benefits. Drugs can take a toll on a person and the effects can last in the body of a person, based on their characteristics. Everybody is introduced to a drug, once or twice in their life, and yet, the addiction begins when it is consumed beyond dosage. There are various reasons why one might be prescribed drugs.

Different forms of drugs are available now all around the world, and yet, in many countries, they are illegal. The FDA has not approved the usage of drugs without reason, since the overuse of drugs can lead to disastrous consequences. Drugs must be administered with caution and if not, they can be very dangerous and addictive. Some use marijuana, some use CBD while some use LSD, which is also commonly known as “acid” by the common users.

While cannabis and marijuana have medicinal properties, acid does not. It is illicit in many countries across the world. The effects of the drug can last for several hours, while the effects of the drug can stay in the system for much longer. According to health organizations, the effects of acid can last in the system from 2 hours to over 3 months.

How Long Does Acid Stay In Your System

How Long Does Acid Stay In Your System?

Areas of the bodyTime
Urine8 hours
Hair3 months
Blood6 to 12 hours

Lysergic acid diethylamide, also popularly known as LSD or acid, is an illicit drug sold in many countries without the government’s permission. It is a hallucinogenic drug, which will make the user see visions and hallucinations for many hours after usage. The effects of the drug can last for a while in the system, which can be detected using drug tests. Usually, drugs can be found in the nails, blood, saliva, and hair for a while after they are administered.

Since LSD has been classified as a Schedule 1 drug, it cannot be used for medicinal purposes according to the government. Though LSD is not an addictive drug, it can create very intense effects and sometimes, when overdosed, can cause long-term physical and mental effects. When the drug is consumed, the body will build tolerance for the drug almost immediately after consumption.

Hence, the next time one consumes the drug, for the effects to take hold, the person must consume higher doses, which can be extremely dangerous. Normally, LSDs are available in the form of capsules, paper strips, and liquids.

Why Does Acid Stay In Your System That Long?

After taking the drug, the effects will start taking a toll in about 20 to 90 minutes after the first dose. The effects will first peak at about two to four hours and can last for about eight to twelve hours before it wanes. Taking LSD will affect the sensory and moods, but it will also have other side effects. Some other symptoms include dizziness, delusions, increase in body temperature, dry mouth, hallucinations, increase in blood pressure and heart rate, loss of appetite, nausea, numbness, sleepiness, sweating, weakness of the body, and even tremors.

The half-life of LSD is about 5.1 hours and the total effect of the drug can last from one to twelve hours. The drug reaches its peak at around one hour thirty minutes after usage. Since the drug is orally ingested, it gets mixed up in the blood, travels through the gastrointestinal tract and mucous membrane. The drug gets mixed up in the blood and in about 15 to 20 minutes, it starts taking effect.


The drug will be metabolized by the liver and excreted within 24 hours without any issue. When a drug test is administered, traces of the drug will be found in the body for eight hours. It can be found in the hair for about three months, and it can last in the blood for about six to twelve hours. There are some medications when taken, will give a false positive if a drug test is administered.

Many factors determine how fast the body metabolizes the drugs, like age, liver function, metabolism level, and there are also ways to get the LSD out of one’s system.


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