How Long Does A Chalazion Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 6 weeks

The chalazion may last for around 6 weeks, and people can treat a chalazion staying at home. The chalazion would happen when the oil-producing gland of the eye would get blocked. People also recognize the chalazion as a meibomian cyst or eyelid cyst, which forms near the eyelid.

A bump or lump which would be red in color would be a chalazion. For some people, a chalazion would be quite painful during its initial stage, but with time the pain would start reducing.

Some people may recover in just 3 to 4 weeks if they start treating the chalazion at the initial stage. Sometimes, a style may cause a chalazion to form which makes many people get confused between stye and chalazion. Distinguishing is therefore, essential.

How Long Does A Chalazion Last

How Long Does A Chalazion Last?

In weeks6 weeks
In days42 days

A chalazion can last for around 6 weeks, or less depending on its intensity. If the chalazion is big in size, then it may not last for more than 6 to 7 weeks. Chalazion which is very small, or medium may go in 4 to 5 weeks. There are many treatments that would be required to make the chalazion go early.

The eye doctor would give medication and eye drops which would work for the treatment of chalazion. Many people get chalazion if they use dirty hands to touch the eye. If the person starts taking treatments very early, then the chalazion may go in just 5 to 7 days.

If someone gets a chalazion for the first time, then the person may get another chalazion in the future. Therefore, practicing proper hygiene techniques is vital for not getting more chalazion in the future. The chalazion can be treated at home, but everyone needs to do some eye care after talking to the eye specialist.

People should try to wash their hands with proper handwashes to avoid the transfer of bacteria or viruses to the eye. Many people skip washing their hands before they try to remove the contact lenses.

Nobody should leave the eye makeup without wiping it out. Leaving the eye makeup would transfer many chemicals inside the eye, which would cause huge problems.

Why Does A Chalazion Last This Long?

If the person skips maintaining the hygiene of face and eye after the chalazion comes, then the chalazion would not go easily. The doctor may prescribe some antibacterial or antibiotic medication which would help the chalazion to go soon. Everyone should not touch the chalazion frequently as it may increase the intensity of the infection.

Treatment such as warm compress and massage would work to reduce the symptoms of chalazion. After the chalazion drains, people should not wear eye makeup for a few weeks to keep the area clean. The doctor may do a thorough eyelid examination or external eye examination to know the intensity of chalazion.

The chalazion may mainly happen in the upper eyelid of the person. The chalazion would not be very painful but would cause mild irritation. Some people may experience blurry vision after getting a chalazion. Viral infections can also cause chalazion. The doctor would find out the actual cause of chalazion before giving the treatments for it.

There are many skin conditions such as rosacea which would cause chalazion to happen. Tuberculosis is another big problem that can host the issues of chalazion.

People can wait for 3 to 7 days to see if the chalazion is sinking on its own. If the chalazion is not going on its own, then the person should take medical help for reducing the symptoms of chalazion.


The symptoms and causes of chalazion would predict how long they would last. Generally, the chalazion would go in 4 to 6 weeks, but some people may see the chalazion for more than 6 weeks. If anybody sees no change in the condition of chalazion, then the doctor may increase the dosage of medication.

People should not take any medication on their own without consulting with the doctor. Everyone should take proper care of hygiene and maintain healthy food habits to reduce the lasting time of chalazion.



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