How Long Does A DMT Trip Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 to 45 minutes

DMT, also known as N, or N-dimethyltryptamine in medical terms, is a hallucinatory tryptamine drug. This medication, sometimes known as Dimitri, provides effects comparable to psychedelics such as LSD and psilocybin. It’s also referred to as fantasia, spiritual molecule, and businessman’s special.

DMT is found naturally in a variety of plant species and has long been utilized in religious rites in various South American nations. It can also be manufactured in a laboratory. It is frequently available as a crystalline powder in white or yellow.

How Long Does A DMT Trip Last

How Long Does A DMT Trip Last?

Body partsLasts for
Blood1 to 2 hours
Urineup to 24 hours
Saliva4 to 12 hours

The effects of DMT vary from person to person, but you may anticipate them to last 30 to 45 minutes if you smoke it and 4 hours if you drink ayahuasca.

The effects of DMT, whether smoked or injected, are felt nearly instantly. People report that they begin hallucinating within 45 seconds. If you absorb DMT through ayahuasca, it must first transit through your digestive system. This adds a little time.

When compared to other hallucinogens like LSD, DMT has fewer, if any, comedown effects. However, some people claim to have had a rough comedown. Many people report an abrupt comedown 10 to 15 minutes after tripping. There may be a recurrence of hallucinations and other side effects.

People are most prone to anxiety, perplexity, and dread. Others, on the other hand, maybe rattled and unsettled for days or weeks or may be unable to sleep or focus for many days.

Because hallucinogens are metabolized so fast by the body, they are difficult to detect. From 24 hours to a few days following consumption, an urinary or hair shaft test might identify trace quantities of DMT. Most routine drug tests, however, do not screen for DMT.

DMT is a strong substance with a variety of short-term psychological and physical negative effects. Pulse rate and blood elevation are two of the physical adverse effects. If you have high cholesterol or a heart problem, it might be dangerous.

Epilepsy, respiratory failure, and coma have all been linked to high-dose DMT usage. DMT can exacerbate pre-existing mental illnesses, such as mental disorders.

Why Does A DMT Trip Last For So Long?

Individual factors such as dose, body weight, age, metabolism, and frequency of usage can all influence how long DMT remains in your system.

The method you take the medication may influence how long it lingers in your system. DMT taken orally through ayahuasca tea or intramuscular injection may be less noticeable than other ways. Drug testing can detect DMT that has been smoked.

If you intend to use DMT, there are a few precautions you may take to make the experience safer:

  • There is strength in numbers. Don’t rely just on DMT. Do it in the company of individuals you can rely on.
  • Find a friend. Make sure you have at least one responsible adult on hand who can step in if things get out of hand.
  • Take a look at yourself. Make careful you utilize it in a secure and comfortable environment.
  • Please take a seat. Sit or lay down to lessen your chances of falling or injuring yourself when tripping.
  • Maintain a straightforward approach. DMT should not be used with drinks or drugs.
  • DMT’s effects can be rather potent. As a consequence, it’s ideal to utilize it while you’re already feeling well.

There are currently no recognized methods for speeding up the metabolism and removing DMT from the body fast. Drinking extra water or eating a full meal won’t help you get the drug out of your system faster; however, consuming ayahuasca or another oral version of the drug on an empty stomach may.


DMT is a natural plant that has been employed in various rituals in a variety of South American tribes for ages. Its synthetic counterpart is now widely utilized for its potent hallucinogenic properties. DMT, like most other substances, has a unique effect on each individual.

If you’re interested in experiencing DMT, there are several precautions you should take to avoid side effects. This includes double-checking that any prescription or over-the-counter drugs you’re taking aren’t going to create an allergic response. If you’re concerned about your drug usage, contact the emergency number for free and confidential treatment information.



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