How Long Does DMT Stay In Your System – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 24 hours

DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) is illegal in the United States. The Drug is known to cause hallucinations and out of body experience for users. The Drug Enforcement Agency(DEA) has not only concluded that the drug has no medical application but is also at risk of being abused in the US.

How Long Does DMT Stay In Your System

How Long DMT Stays in the Body?

Once taken, users will in a minute or so begin hallucinating. A single dose of DMT generally takes 2 hours to leave the system. However, this is also dependent on several factors including;

  1. Frequency of use- DMT will last longer than 2 hours for users who consistently use it throughout the day. This is because of the accumulation of DMT in the body resulting in more time to eliminate.
  2. How DMT is Administered – The most common way to use DMT is by taking it orally, smoking or injections. When taken orally, it may take over an hour for the user to peak whereas injection can peak within 5-15 minutes.
  3. Combining with MAOI – for oral administration of DMT to be effective, it must be taken with MAOI (monoamine oxidase inhibitor). This can be either naturally occurring MAOI or a pharmaceutical MAOI. MAOI has been known to prolong the effect of DMT for up to 3 hours increasing the amount of time needed for elimination.
  4. Individual factors – several individual factors such as body mass, renal function and genetics can determine how long DMT remains in the system after administration. People with kidney issues will take more time to eliminate DMT from their systems. Besides, taking larger doses in relation to body mass will also prolong elimination time.

How Long Can DMT be Detectable in the Body

Many people are concerned with knowing whether DMT can be detectable in their system. Though DMT metabolizes very quickly, one way to determine the presence of DMT is through DMT drug tests. Different types of DMT drug test will reveal the presence of DMT in your system at different periods.

DMT can be detected through urine, hair and saliva tests. A blood test is a less effective way of detecting DMT in your system as its unlikely to return positive results. Urine and hair tests remain the most effective way to detect DMT in your body. A urinalysis will return positive DMT results for up 24 hours after use. On the other hand, hair tests can detect the presence of DMT for several months after use.

Type of DMT TestDMT Detection Period
Urine Test24 hours
Hair TestSeveral Months
Saliva Test1-5 days
Blood TestUndetectable

How To Ensure Fast Removal of DMT From Your System

If you want DMT out of your system as fast as possible, here are some of the tips you could employ:

  • Drinking lots of water: Staying hydrated will result in an increase in urine flow and visits to the bathroom. This will result in more DMT metabolites getting eliminated in a short period.
  • Use MAO Inducers: To speed up DMT metabolizing, you could use a MAO inducer. This will expedite the rate at which DMT is excreted from your body.
  • Consuming Acidic foods: Research has shown that people with low urine pH tend to excrete DMT faster than those with higher urine pH. Eating acidic foods is one sure way of lowering your Urine pH. This should however be done in moderation.
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