How Long Does a Shroom Trip Last (And Why)?

How Long Does a Shroom Trip Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer – 4 to 12 hours

Shroom trip or mushroom poisoning results from the ingestion of mushrooms that contain toxic substances. It is misidentified as an edible mushroom that can be consumed with a poisonous mushroom. The gills of the mushroom contain the poisonous substance. Mushroom intoxication, if not treated immediately can have a mortality rate up to 50-90%. It can lead to death or cause severe syndromes in humans according to their toxicity. There are 14 identified syndromes so far, few of which, just cause a high in those infected and a few causes death.

How Long Does a Shroom Trip Last

How Long Does a Shroom Trip Last?

A person feeling a state of high or euphoria can result in about 20 minutes or 4 hours after ingestion. It comes with symptoms like nausea, vomiting, headaches, and diarrhea. The toxicity varies according to the type of species consumed.

Here is a list of mushrooms and the period of intoxication or high it causes:

Boletus SatanusLasts for six hours
Psilocybin   Lasts up to four hours, causes hallucination
Amanita OcreataDamages liver, results in death
Amanita Muscaria  Results in deep sleep, similar to alcohol intoxication
Coprinopsis variegataCauses vomiting, lasts for several hours
Amanita pantherinaCauses brain lesions, last up t0 4 hours or a day

These mushrooms are said to cause the least adverse reactions. The rest are more poisonous and can lead to death if a person is not taken immediately to the hospital once the symptoms start to occur. The infected person is then given the required treatment according to the type of mushroom consumed. There are four stages after the ingestion of a poisonous mushroom:

  • First stage – Occurs after 6 to 24 hours.

Toxins destroy the victim’s kidney and liver, but the victim shows no sense of discomfort.

  • Second stage – Lasts for 24 hours

Causes severe vomiting and diarrhea.

Shroom Trip
  • Third Stage – The next 24 hours.

In this period, the victim recovers.

  • Fourth stage – This is a “relapse”

The infection affects the person’s kidney further and causes death.

Why Does a Shroom Trip Last For So Long?

The effects of mushroom poisoning occur in the central nervous system which is responsible for feeling high, confusion, delusions, and convulsions. Those who take the mushroom, fall asleep and cannot be woken up. In some cases, people tend to go to a coma-like state for a period of 24 hours.

The poisonous mushrooms contain toxins that affect the central nervous system which in turn causes hallucination and confusion for a period of time. Mushrooms cause gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea and bloody diarrhea in the worst case. Gastrointestinal irritations are the most frequent type of mushroom poisoning. Mild symptoms include stomach cramps. Amanita Phalloides, a certain kind of poisonous mushroom, infects your lung and kidney, which causes death about 12 hours after ingestion.

The Yellow stain mushroom, one of the deadliest mushrooms, is mistaken for an edible mushroom and is consumed. Symptoms that occur within 2 hours of ingestion are less likely to cause less harm than those that show their symptoms much later. Mushrooms belong to a group of fungi. There are thousands of mushrooms species but only a hundred of them can be consumed.

Shroom Trip

Mushroom poisoning occurs when a poisonous mushroom is picked by an amateur. Mushrooms affect our neuronal activity and put us in a state of trance and in most cases, nothing more than this occurs.


Though this article might have worried you a little, falling into such a circumstance is very rare. We just have to take the necessary precautions to avoid any fatality. A home remedy to check if a mushroom is poisonous is putting it in water along with onions. If the onion turns blue, then the mushroom cannot be consumed while some experts claim that there is no real way to predict it from home-test.

Other steps include, avoid eating wild unknown mushrooms, do not eat any mushrooms directly without proper cleaning, and for culinary purposes, use only healthy and insect-free mushrooms to stay away from any harm.

Mushrooms are not always harmful and don’t always cause death but it’s important to stay away from poisonous ones that may bring harm.



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