How Long Does a Haircut Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Approximately 30 Minutes

Taking a haircut is a necessity as well as a style statement. Many people have a haircut simply because to look neat while others do so to establish themselves by following the ongoing trend. Taking a haircut doesn’t necessarily mean cutting a large amount of hair. It may simply be shaping the hair in such a way that the individual feel good about it.

Having a great haircut can be a great way to present oneself. Most people get impressed simply because of a great haircut. It needn’t always follow the ongoing trend as long as it’s presentable. A good hairstyle could go on to become one’s identity like some celebrities like Elvis Presley.

How Long Does a Haircut Take

How Long Does a Haircut Take?

Type of LengthTime Taken
Short30 – 45 minutes
Medium 20 – 35 minutes
Long 15 – 20 minutes

Taking a haircut varies according to different individuals irrespective of their hair lengths and gender. This is because we can’t gender discriminate between having a specific duration for a haircut for specific genders. The duration of a haircut can be divided into short, medium, and long. This is because there isn’t any particular way in which a specified gender needs to grow or cut their hair.

In most cases having a haircut can be finished in about 15- 35 minutes. But this time frame could vary from the hairstyle chosen by the individual. Because there are hundreds of hairstyles for different people.

For short-length haircuts, most people have to trim their hair for about 4 – 6 weeks to maintain the regular trimmed look. Most people consider that having a short hairstyle is low maintenance. But this is not at all true. This is because the hair grows fast and within the specified time. A short-length haircut takes up more time ranging from 30 – 45 minutes.

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For medium-length haircuts, the interval before taking a haircut is a bit more than that of short haircuts. It takes about 8 – 12 weeks for maintenance of medium-length haircuts. These are a bit lower maintenance when compared to short-length haircuts. This type of haircuts takes about 20 – 35 minutes to complete.

For long-length haircuts, an individual only needs to cut their hair between 3 – 6 months. This also is a very low-maintenance type of haircut. Usually, people having long hair have a haircut which only takes about 15 – 20 minutes.

Why Does it Take Long to Have a Haircut? 

The variation in taking a haircut is primarily because of the length of the hair and the hairstyle chosen. This is because some people take a haircut just to maintain their regular cut whereas some others do so simply to have a great makeover.

At times, people with long hair get the need to cut their hair short. This may be to have a great hairstyle, to follow the trend, or for a great cause which is to donate them. These people when they have a haircut take many minutes more than a regular haircut schedule. This is where we can’t calculate the exact time for a haircut.

When we consider the lengthy procedure followed by salons for a haircut, the time for a single haircut can vary drastically. This is because they shampoo them, cut the hair, trim them, taper them, thin them, nips them, and finally styles the hair according to the desired style. This process tends to be lengthy because not all salons do them. Most salons don’t even apply shampoo before cutting them. They just apply water to dampen the hair and continues with the haircut.

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A high-end salon takes a lengthy amount of time to pick the right hairstyle suited for the customer. Then they take their sweet time in getting the desired effect. Many individuals go to an expensive salon to get the right haircut and then go to their regular barber to maintain the cut.

A lengthy haircut is always preferable as it ensures that the work is done as professionally as possible.


Having the best haircut ensures greater reception to anyplace. One’s haircut speaks for itself in most places. The type of hairstyle chosen should be after great consideration. This is because some people prefer long hair, some medium, and some short hair. The time taken in a haircut matters the most because some barbers don’t do a very good job in giving a good haircut.

A good haircut consists of an experienced professional taking adequate time in giving the best haircut. Always remember that nobody judges a person by the amount of hair they have. They only look the way an individual maintains their hair.



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