How Long Does It Take to Beat Ocarina Of Time (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 20 to 30 Hours

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time is a game in the category of action and/or adventure which is developed by Nintendo, for the variant Nintendo 64. It is the fifth game in the series called “The Legend Of Zelda.” It is also the first one in the series which has 3D graphics.



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It is developed by the “Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development Division.” The Nintendo EAD was formerly the largest known software development branch in the Nintendo company.

The branch developing “Ocarina Of Time” was lead by two of the greatest video game designers, namely, Yoshiaki Koizumi and Eiji Aonuma. It was produced by Shigeru Miyamoto and was written by Kensuke Tanabe.

How Long Does It Take to Beat Ocarina Of Time

How Long Does It Take to Beat Ocarina Of Time?

The game is situated on the fantasy land of Hyrule, and the main objective or goal of the game, which it revolves around, is for the player to stop Ganondorf, the evil king or the “villain” of the game. The player would travel through time and discover the various levels of the overworld.

The biggest challenge to the player is that they have to learn to play the various songs of the game and perform them on an Ocarina to continue the game and move forward. An Ocarina is a vessel flute that contains four to twelve finger holes and is played from the mouth.

It has gotten wide-reaching approval from critics all over the world and has even won several awards. It is appreciated immensely for the sound-play, the visuals, and the writing of the plot. Moreover, it has been stated as being one of the greatest video games of all time.

There are three variations of the game which can be played: the Main Story, the Main Story and the additional “extras”, and the Completionist. The main story takes around 26 to 26 ½ hours to complete, whereas the part of the main story plus extras take around 30 ½ hours. The completionist style itself takes 39 hours.  The completionist style is when the player moves forward while completing every task and taking up each reward in the game.

Type of GameHours Taken To Complete
Main Story26 to 26 1/2 Hours
Main Story Additional Extras30 1/2 Hours
Completionist39 Hours

Why Does It Take 26 to 30 Hours To Beat Ocarina Of Time?

The series “Legend of Zelda” has been widely popular ever since the release of its first game in 1986. The game focuses on creating new fictional characters every time with the same fictional fantasy universe, and then takes place the repetition of plots, sound effects, and hurdles on the way.

The reason the game takes so long to complete is that the narration is a “determined narration” which does not depend upon the actions of players as much as it depends on the pre-written screenplay.

The game’s widespread popularity also depends upon the sound effects immersed in the game, which has also been researched upon by various game music scholars. The game consists of a three-part epic tail which unfolds as the player waking up from a 7-year-sleep to understand that Hyrule is stuck as a wasteland after the apocalypse. The tale then moves deeply from universes to then ending with the player battling with the evil character Ganondorf.

The most unique feature of the Ocarina of Time is that it is a mixture of puzzle-solving with the adventurous fantasy land. It makes the player travel through various fantasy worlds and while they are busy admiring the visuals, there are mind-challenging puzzles thrown at them to move forward in the game, which frustrates the player at one point or the other.

Another reason why it takes so long to complete the Ocarina of Time is that the game introduces a new concept to the players called the “Z-lock targeting system” which makes them encounter more than one evil character or puzzle at a time. 


The Legend Of Zelda is a Nintendo series of games widely popular since its first launch in 1986, and the game Ocarina of Time takes 26 to 30 hours to complete. It is considered one of the greatest games in the industry, by a lot of gaming critics.

 The reason why it takes so long to complete is that it includes players learning the songs of the game universe and how to perform them on the Ocarina instrument. Along with this, the game combines the puzzle-solving skills with the part of skipping to new fantasy universes, which frustrates the players. Moreover, the feature called the “Z-lock targeting system” is fairly new to the players and hence also takes a while to get used to.


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