How Long Does A JUUL Take To Charge (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 45 to 50 Minutes

JUUL is a well-known American electronic cigarette company, also alternatively known as E-cigarette. It is a brand of vaporizers that come in rechargeable batteries so that users can go on with using the cigarette product for a long time. It is marketed on the plank of being safer than normal cigarettes but there are no sufficient researches to prove so.

Vape products like JUUL have a high concentration of nicotine in them and several other potentially harmful compounds. According to some studies, a single JUUL pod contains the same number of nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. This had led to an increase in JUUL addiction among adolescents.

How Long Does A JUUL Take To Charge

How Long Does A JUUL Take To Charge?

Range of TimeframeCharging Time
Minimum Charging Time45 Minutes
Maximum Charging Time60 Minutes

Based on a multitude of factors, a JUUL charger can take anywhere between 45 to 60 minutes. A person is sure to have their vaporizer charged within an hour of putting the device to charge.

To charge the JUUL device, the vaporizer device has a USB Drive that permits its usage on multiple charging points. A person is free to use any equipment to charge the JUUL device but it is subject to the condition that the charging device should have a USB port. However, one has to make sure that the JUUL device rests on a flat surface while charging.

While plugging the charger in the USB port, it should be made sure that the side of the JUUL device that has 4 slots is facing towards the charger. The person should also ensure that the device is not too low as it would face the risk of getting booted out of the way. When the JUUL equipment is fixed in the charger, it will lock on magnetically.

As the JUUL device starts getting charged up, it would be indicated in the light. The light of the device starts flashing on and off once the device starts charging. The person should also make sure the power is switched on.

After a certain period, if someone wants to check the charging status of the JUUL device, they can do so by double-tapping the device. When a person taps the light on the front twice, there might be either a red light, a green light, or a yellow light popping up. If the light is red, it would indicate a low charge, yellow would indicate medium charge and if it is green, it would indicate a full charge.

Why Does A JUUL Device Take So Long To Charge?

The time that is taken by a JUUL device to charge is dependent on several factors. These include the condition of the charger, damage caused by water, and unclean JUUL charger among many others.

If the JUUL has come in contact with water, milk, or any liquid, it may suffer internal damage which might cause it to take more time than usual. The simplest way to fix this and enhance the charging speed of the device is to put the device in a rice container. Since rice is a good absorbent of moisture, it will drain out the water and remove the damages caused.

The JUUL device may also take much time to charge if it is unclean. When the JUUL connector or USD charger is covered with dirt and dust, it will take more time. Its user should clean it to charge it faster.

It may also happen at times that the charger is faulty. Thus, one should try using a different charger to speed things up. A person can also use a different adapter for this purpose.


JUUL vaporizer is a form of electronic cigarette and it faces many allegations of negatively impacting the user’s health. The company sees young teenagers as its ideal customer base and heavily advertises for the same. However, those teenagers face the threat of addiction.

JUUL devices take nearly 45 to 60 minutes in charging. If a person’s device is charging slowly, they can try changing the charger, and cleaning the same. The status of charging can be seen by double-tapping the device while on charge.



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