How Long Does A Dryer Last (And Why)?

How Long Does A Dryer Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10 to 25 years

Home appliances are a significant investment for every homeowner. When budgeting for costs, knowing how long things normally last is critical. In general, the lifespan of each household item varies depending on its use and maintenance.

Dryers, like other household equipment, do not last forever. To make it last as long as possible, operate it carefully and do routine dryer maintenance. Not only will this maintain your dryer in good working order, but it will also provide you with the greatest outcomes when it comes to drying your clothes.

How Long Does A Dryer Last

How Long Does A Dryer Last?

Different brands of dryerLasts for
Whirlpool’s dryer13 years
LG’s dryer10 to 15 years

The average dryer has a lifespan of 10 to 25 years, depending on when it was acquired and how well it has been maintained.

Follow these easy techniques to keep your dryer in great condition for many years to come:

  • Follow the operating manual – clothing is as simple as placing them into the bathtub, closing the door, and pressing a button. Those settings options, on the other hand, have a purpose. Examine your dryer’s owner’s handbook to learn how to maximize its performance.
  • Divide loads according to fabric weight – For quicker, more equal drying, divide the lightweight and heavyweight materials into properly sized loads. After each load, clean the lint from the filter. Even a small amount of dust in the trap can lead to inefficiency and increased cleaning time.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the dryer – Dust can accumulate in the vent as well as on the rear of the dryer. It’s important to inspect these locations at least once a year to remove extra dust for efficiency and fire safety concerns.
  • Reduce the amount of heat used and the amount of time it takes to dry the cloth. Clothes, too, require varying amounts of time to dry. When feasible, use a lower heat level and shorter drying durations to save energy and protect your garments.

The dryer vent is the drum that collects dust and moisture from the dryer and exhausts it outside. It is important to keep your dryer in good operating order. Clean and examine your dryer each year for indicators of clogs, dust accumulation, and excessive dampness. If you do not maintain your dryer vent regularly, you may be putting yourself at risk of a fire.

When your dryer hasn’t worked properly in a long time, you’ll either need to repair it or replace it. Because new dryers can be inexpensive compared to the cost of repair work, it makes sense to replace an older dryer. A repair may be worthwhile if you have a modern, high-end dryer.

Your new dryer might be more energy-efficient, but it also comes with a guarantee that covers you for at least a year or two.

Why Does A Dryer Last For So Long?

The best approach to keep the dryer as long as possible is to operate it appropriately and get it serviced regularly. It will maintain your dryer in good working order and will provide you with the greatest outcomes when it comes to drying your clothing. To extend the life of the dryer, do not overburden it, clear the output vent, deep clean the dust screen, and ensure that the wheel is cleaned every two years.

If you’re bored of constantly putting your clothing through the dryer and having to run many cycles to dry a single load of clothes, it’s time to take action. The best remedies for the most common problems with a clothes dryer that takes too long to dry are listed below.

  • Check and clean the dust filter – Checking and cleaning the dust filter is one of the simplest ways to fix an electric dryer that takes too long to dry clothing. The dust filter is placed between the dryer’s exhaust duct and the dryer drum and must be cleaned after each load of laundry is dried.
  • Replace the Drum Lock – Make sure the drum seal is properly attached to the dryer drum’s perimeter. The seal must be replaced if it is missing, damaged, or loose.
  • Clean or replace the door seal – Of older units, the door locks on a dryer that takes too long to dry might become filthy, loose, or damaged. Purchase a new adhesive seal and trim it to the length required for the perimeter of where the dryer door meets the front panel.


If you keep your dryer in good working order, you may expect it to last for many years. You can get the most of your drying equipment if you follow the easy instructions. You are already saving money by properly handling, cleaning, and inspecting your load sizes, parameters, and fabric distribution. By extending the life of your dryer, you may save money, time, and effort that might otherwise be wasted.


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