How Long Does A Person Take To Fall Asleep (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 15 Minutes

People all over the world have several things common among them. The most common thing is to take care of their health. A person can work all day, only if that person takes proper care of their body. The best way to properly take care of their health is to get a night of proper sleep.

Healthy sleep is a must for everyone. After the whole day’s work, people suffer from fatigue and stress. Sleeping for at least 6-8 hours can overcome all those hardships. A normal healthy person can fall asleep in 10-20 minutes after lying down on their bed.

How Long Does A Person Take To Fall Asleep

How Long Does A Person Take To Fall Asleep?

Types Of People Time Taken
Normal15 Minutes
Suffering from Insomnia> 30 Minutes

Sleeping is a natural thing for everyone. It does not require following any kind of strong procedure. Following a routine will lead to healthy sleep. But there are a few people who have trouble sleeping even after lying down for quite a bit of time. There are scientific reasons for these types of behavior. A person takes a long time to sleep when he/she has distractions around their bed.

The lights may be on, sounds may be coming from the next room, the room temperature is very hot, etc are a few of the distractions that people suffer from. Normally a person does not take long to fall asleep but exceptions like insomnia or caffeine consumption before going to bed still exist.

People suffering from insomnia are sleep deprived which causes them to feel fatigued and results in poor concentration. Insomnia is caused by over stressing or side effects of medication. The time for sleep differs in the case of a sleep-deprived person. He/she takes longer to fall asleep or does not even sleep at all. Visiting a doctor is the best possible solution in this type of scenario. Early sleep also disturbs the routine and sometimes leads to stay awake.

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This is so because the body will not let the person fall asleep until it reaches its original time in the routine. Consuming caffeine, as mentioned earlier, helps to stay awake. Some people intentionally consume it so that they can stay awake and do their unfinished work. Staying up and watching phones or television also leads affects the eye and makes people take longer to fall asleep.

Why Does It Take So Long To Fall Asleep?

The time taken to fall asleep completely depends on the daily routine of the person. A person who leads a healthy lifestyle will take an average time of 10-20 minutes to fall asleep while a person with a sleep disorder takes longer to sleep. Consumption of sleeping pills also helps to fall asleep.

But this is possible only when a doctor prescribes it. Few rules should be followed to avoid these types of circumstances. The routine varies based on the age of a person. A child sleeps almost 18 hours a day and does not need much time to fall asleep. A teenager requires at least 6 hours of sleep daily. An adult requires more than 6 hours of proper sleep.

Going to bed at the same time every day, avoiding consumption of caffeine, sleeping without distractions, avoiding doing exercise before bedtime, etc are a few of the health advice that is worth following to maintain a healthy sleep. It is not necessary that a person has to fall asleep within the given average time, he/she can fall well before that time.

People suffering from jet lag, or working a whole day at the office by constantly looking at the computer screen, or not having a proper sleep the day before can lead to this case. An adult should also avoid any kind of afternoon nap, that he/she can sleep straight for 6-8 hours at night.

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Stress causes a lot of diseases, out of which is high blood pressure. A good night’s sleep can cure a lot of diseases which include stress. A person who wakes after a good sleep feels stress-free and has all the energy of the world. It is not always possible to fall asleep even if the person is maintaining a healthy routine.

In that case, he/she should just wake up, read a book, listen to music, turn on the light and do a few breathing exercises. It is basically to reset and start all over again. If these things do not work, then visiting a doctor should be the priority.


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