How Long Does It Take To Fall In Love (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 100 days

Many things in the world are permanent, scientific, and logical. Yet, there are some others, like family and relationships. Relationships are based on and bound by love. All the relationships in one’s life other than the relationship between a husband and wife are based on bloodlines. Yet, love between couples and spouses is entirely different. There is no logical reason why people fall in love with one another.

Some call it chemistry, but love is never science. Some think love is based on the secretion of hormones, yet some think it’s just all about the timing and the moments. There are plenty of researches that have been based on love and finally, researchers couldn’t exactly arrive at the reason why people fall in love with one another. Although, they found out the duration that one takes to fall in love.

The duration is not based on any factors and it all just depends upon the two individuals. According to studies, it takes an average of about 100 days for people to fall in love.

How Long Does It Take To Fall In Love

How Long Does It Take To Fall In Love?

Gender and StagesTime
Men90 days
Women120 days
Confess the love150 days

Love is different for everyone in the world. Some are homosexual, some are heterosexual and some are even asexual. Love can start based on various factors, according to some, like physical attractiveness, comfort, and safe zone. It can even start giving butterflies to some, and there is no medical reason for that. According to a recent study, it tells us that men take an average of about 90 days, and women take more than that. Women take an average of about 120 to 130 days.

Another set of scientists tell us that 70% percent of men believe in love at first sight, while only 61% of women do. Though heterosexual couples are found more in the world before the 1940s, nowadays, gay couples, otherwise known as two men in love and lesbians, two women in a relationship are also known worldwide. Other than physical and emotional reasons, there are other chemical reasons too that include hormonal and neurological factors too.

Why Does It Take That Long To Fall In Love?

The bonds that people feel while they are in love are due to oxytocin and vasopressin. It activates a part of the brain and it just takes a second to reach the brain. Looking at a person you love can cause secretion of these drugs, which can lead to euphoria. People can even fall in love without meeting them in person. In the old days, people meet others in public locations and occasions, get to know each other, talk and fall in love if they are compatible in ways.

Though some people believe in love at first sight, some do not. Some think true love is formed by just looking at the person and they feel like everything just falls in place, while some think it’s better to get to know each other before deciding anything. This applies to only romantic forms of relationship, and not anything else. There will also be a surge of dopamine and serotonin, which helps in the building of trust and intimacy.

Building sexual relationships and intimacy also play an important role in developing feelings for each other. There are different stages in developing feelings for someone if one takes the normal route of meeting and getting to know one another. First people meet each other for the first time, and that can be anyplace anywhere.

Some just meet without any prior ideas, while some already know slight details about the ones they are about to meet if they have already spoken through phone or any mode available on the Internet.


After the first meet, if they like each other, they will keep meeting again. Things will certainly take a turn and develop feelings if they find the other one compatible and attractive. Then, romantic feelings start developing as many people first start as friends. Hence, it takes time for people to know one another and develop feelings.

Women respond to feelings of affection and romance slower than men, and the reason has been consolidated to various factors. After falling in love, people take a while to confess their feelings. Either way, it takes about 3 months for anyone to fall for someone, despite all the logical reasons.



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