How Long Does A Average Person Live (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 79 Years

Every Organism which was born on earth must die some or other time. However, the life span of different species may vary. Similarly, human beings can also lead long life depending upon the health conditions and circumstances around them.

Life expectancy is said to be how many years a person on average can live. It is based on gender, age, and the region where we are living. The Global Burden of Disease measures life expectancy utilizing the country’s mortality rates of age groups. Whereas Life Span can be defined as the maximum number of years a human can live.

How Long Does A Average Person Live

How Long Does A Average Person Live?

Every Organism on the Earth comprises organic compounds which are helpful for living. Life on earth appeared approximately 4.2 billion years ago in the form of Bacteria. Consequently, at a rapid rate, the other organisms also started to develop. Humans evolved nearly 2 billion years ago.

Many transformations took place in the species of Humans as they grew in multiple stages. Studies have shown that the life span of a person is decreasing gradually. It can be attributed to the pollution released into the atmosphere, changing the health habits of people.

Generally, when we speak of the average life of a human, we think of 100 years. However, depending upon the present conditions, the life span is hardly 100 years. Many activities held by humans like the setup of industries, cutting down trees, extensive use of chemicals increased.

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These activities are responsible for pollution across the world, thereby decreasing the life span of living beings. The water we drink is also contaminated due to pollutants released into it. Moreover, unhealthy eating habits are also responsible for the decrease in human life.

From various studies, it is evident that women’s average life span is more compared to men. Many factors are contributed to the given fact. Although men are considered physically strong, the release of the hormone testosterone in men may be responsible for shortening life.

Man Life Span75 years
Woman Life Span81 years
Average Life Span 79 years

Why Does An Average Person Can Live That Long?

Many scientists are researching why do organisms become old and die. The cells in our body regenerate after old cells die. This cycle repeats during the lifetime of an organism. However, the process will slow down as we get old. Eventually, it stops and leads to the death of the person. This process, however, does take more than 80 years in humans.

The life span of a human is decreasing due to many factors. These factors are significantly occurring in the present world of Globalization and Industrialization, which alter humans’ status and increase human-made calamities. Several factors lead to a decrease in the life span of Humans—accidents during traveling, Economic inequalities, increasing pollution, and many more.

Rapid population growth that results in poverty ultimately leads to a short life span. Apart from that, a person may also be subjected to mental illness. Family or personal issues can also affect the life span of Humans. Hence due to the present situation of the busy world, there are high chances of getting diseases related to the heart, lungs, etc. So doctors across the globe warn us to stay strong by maintaining healthy habits.

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The life span of various organisms is different. Many theories are emerging to explain the life span of diverse organisms. But in humans, it is said that genes may be one of the reasons for longer life. That is to say, and if your ancestors live long, then the chances are that you also live long.


Before the medical advancement, many people lost their lives due to various diseases which are incurable at that time. Hence most of them might have died at their young age. But at the same time, some persons lived more than 100 years. It can be clear that the range of life span is wide.

In the present scenario of a lot of pollution and busy life schedule, we should take care of our health, both physical and mental. We need to take a proper and healthy diet and exercise regularly to maintain good health and avoid diseases.



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