How Long Does A Pulled Muscle Take To Heal (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Three To Six Weeks

There are various physical injuries, that can happen due to many reasons, not just a specific one. Some fall and scrape or cut themselves, which could lead to bleeding. There can be internal and external injuries due to multiple mishaps and it can be anything that makes a person fall or undergo physical injury. One injury which over 90% of the world’s population has experienced, is the pulled muscle, otherwise known as the muscle strain or sprain. The remedies, the recovery time, and the severity of the pain all depend upon how hard the pulled muscle is.

The injury can be classified based on the pain and the treatment measures also differ based on the injuries. A pulled muscle can be classified into two categories, one where the ligaments that hold the bones together are stretched or torn, and the other one where the muscles are torn or stretched. The first one is called the sprain, while the second issue is called a strain. Both strain and sprain have similar symptoms, where they both are painful. The most common location where pulled muscle happens is the lumbar spine, the area in the lower back, and the pain that happens due to the muscle pull are intolerable.

Muscle pull in the lower back is one of the main reasons for disability in old age, especially when people are over the age of 45.

How Long Does A Pulled Muscle Take To Heal

How Long Does A Pulled Muscle Take To Heal?

Grade 1 muscle pull3 weeks
Grade 2 muscle pull6 weeks
Grade 3 muscle pull2 to 3 months

Muscle pull is technically a muscle strain or sprain that happens when the muscles and ligaments get overstretched and tear up. There are various reasons why muscle pull happens, like fatigue, overuse of the limbs or any specific area in the body, or not using a muscle properly. Sprains and strains can happen on any muscle, although some muscles in the lower back, shoulders, hamstring behind the thigh, and neck are more susceptible to a muscle pull. The pain caused by them can limit movement in those certain areas and even when one tries to move, it hurts more.

Mild and moderate muscle pulls can patch up with heat, ice, and some anti-inflammatory medicine. Yet, if the injury is severe, it is necessary to consult a doctor and have the injury checked. Another type of muscle pull is the acute muscle strain, where the muscle tears all of sudden due to trauma or any sort of injury. This type of injury can be caused due to poor conditioning, the flexibility of the body and the muscles, not warming up before work, and sometimes even fatigue. Lifting something heavy and in an awkward position, jumping, running, throwing something, losing footing and slipping can also be the causes of sudden muscle pull.

Why Does It Take That Long For A Pulled Muscle To Heal?

While acute muscle strains and sprains happen due to sudden movements, chronic muscle pulls can happen due to repetitive movement, like playing sports or working regularly and hard, sitting and laying in an awkward position, and such. The first aid for muscle strain includes the RICE method, which includes Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

It is necessary to visit a doctor when the pain is there still after a week of home remedies and rest, if the injured area is numb, there is blood leaking from the injury. They must also visit the doctor if they can’t walk, or move their arms or legs. The treatment will be decided after examining the injured part with a physical exam and some tests like MRI and X-rays, to determine the severity of the injury.


It is also necessary to never rest the muscle too much even when it’s healing, because that will cut off the blood flow, and if the muscle pull is on the foot, shoes with the right fit must be worn. The person should be careful while lifting objects and they should be careful not to fall anywhere or slip accidentally, which could cause more pain and interfere with the healing time.

It is also important to maintain a good posture, both while standing and sitting. When all the precaution measures and treatments are followed, the muscle pull will be healed in no time.


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