How Long it Takes to Get Ripped (Muscle Related) – (And Why)?

How Long it Takes to Get Ripped (Muscle Related) – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 4 weeks

Ideally, ripping is a way of bodybuilding. People, especially bodybuilders, exercise to lose body fat that way, having a low percentage of body fats.

When the body fats are low in percentage, then the muscle tissue will appear; hence, one has a good-looking body.

For the ripping process to occur, one should not only focus on exercise but also have a change in diet so that they can maintain muscle mass and have a low percentage of fats.

The so ripping process is not liked by most bodybuilders because they have to increase or decrease their training routines.

How Long it Takes to Get Ripped

How Long Does It Take to Get Ripped?

For one to lose body fats so that the muscle tissue can be visible, one has to lose 8-10 % of body fats.

This can be done through regular training and being on a strict diet.

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Below is an illustration that shows the body fats percentage, grams to be cut down after losing body fats and how long it takes:

  • Less than 7%: – 200grams, 4 weeks
  • 7- 9%: 200- 350 grams, 8 weeks
  • 9- 12%: 350- 450 grams, 12 weeks
  • 12- 15%: 450-650 grams, 16 weeks
  • 15- 20%: 650-750 grams, 22 weeks
  • 20- 30%: 900 grams, 26 weeks
  • 30%: 1100 grams, 32 weeks

There are important three components that bodybuilders use to acquire a ripped body, which is restricted to nutrition, strength training, and fat training.

For instance, major muscle group is trained using the strength training component, which goes for a period of at least twice per week.

Also, the muscle group should rest for a minimum of 48 hours before undergoing another major strength training workout.

Lastly, without proper nutrition, the ripping process will be next to impossible.

Bodybuilders create a consistent calorie deficit, or rather, they burn more calories more than they take in. To this effect, a proper nutrition diet needs to be followed to reduce the number of calories taken in.

Why Does It Take That Long to Get Ripped?

To begin with, proper nutrition will make a bodybuilder avoid taking large quantities of calories. Proper nutrition, discipline, and an increased amount of workout will make the ripping process faster.

With a good calorie deficit, a bodybuilder should lose 1-2 pounds every week. Also, by working out, they should lose 500 calories on a daily basis so as to be on track of losing weight of 1-2 pounds per week.

Hence by doing all these procedures, getting a ripped body will be quick. In addition, people are different in terms of gender and other factors that can make the ripping process very fast or very slow.

Also, among these factors, such as genetics, metabolism, hormones, exercise routine, and nutrition, contribute to this process taking place. An individual’s body fat should be reduced between 10-12%. This should be topped up by workouts such as doing cardio for 15 minutes for 3-5 times a week and also lifting weights, thus increasing the progress of getting ripped.

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Affirmatively, most of these bodybuilders will start seeing their results after a period between 1-3 months. This highly depends on an individual’s height, weight, and the current percentage of body fats in their bodies.

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  1. It’s amazing how the combination of nutrition, strength training, and fat training can lead to a ripped body.

  2. It’s frustrating to think about having to increase or decrease training routines to achieve the desired result.

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