How Long Does A Refrigerator Last (And Why)?

How Long Does A Refrigerator Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10-13 Years (Approx.)

A refrigerator is a home appliance that is widely used for the purpose of cooling things. A refrigerator has a thermally insulated compartment and a heat pump that transfers heat from the inside of the refrigerator to the outside facilitating the cooling of items inside the refrigerator at a lower temperature. A refrigerator is an essential device primarily used for storing food all over the world.

The evolution of refrigerators started from the mid-1750s when a vapor-compression refrigerator was built, this was followed by newer developments. Home freezers, self-contained units, and many other devices were further introduced for the purpose of cooling and storing food. After this, freezer units were also introduced. The freezer over refrigerator style came in the 1940s and since then new changes and moderations have been made to the regular refrigerator.

How Long Does A Refrigerator Last

How Long Does A Refrigerator Last?

Regular home usage12 years
Commercial Usage5-10 Years

Depending on the usage, the refrigerator can last up to 12 years. If the refrigerator is used only for home use it can last for 12 years on average. As compared to other devices, refrigerators tend to last longer because of their build and usage. The extent of the life expectancy depends on the use of the refrigerator.

Greater usage can make it last less and no user can make it weak and last less. The average use of a device will make it last longer. Many other factors like proper regular service from the company, will make the refrigerator last longer. The time can also vary in accordance with the brand and the size of the device, any external damage, or the maintenance habits of the refrigerator.

The kitchen place where the refrigerator is placed also makes a huge difference in the life span. Beyond a time period of 13 years, the refrigerator’s cooling efficiency will start losing and the refrigerator might start utilizing more and more electricity causing a huge spike in the bill. Soe other problems like noisy freezer are also an outcome of long usage.

The refrigerators and freezers can be found in a number of sizes and capacities. There are small freezers available in hospitals and hotels these days. As well as, big refrigerators can be found in a number of companies for the storage of food items. Refrigerators allow people to keep the food fresh for a longer duration without getting deteriorated.

Why Do Refrigeators Last This Long?

The duration for which a refrigerator lasts depends on a number of factors but majorly on the usage of the device. The electricity and conditions in which you are keeping your refrigerator can also have an impact on the time period of the refrigerator. Some other factors like maintenance habits, damage, or brand can decide the duration of the refrigerator.

Some issues that identify that it is the right time to change your refrigerator include if the exterior of the refrigerator gets hot really quickly. If the food gets bad quickly in a few duration then the refrigerator might not be working properly. If the bills are spiking that means the refrigerator is using huge voltage and hence needs to get replaced.

Some steps by which the refrigerator can be kept from getting damaged quickly include cleaning the condenser coil every six months that helps in keeping the fridge cool. Cleaning and lubricating the door is important so that the colling stays inside and the food stays fresh. Cleaning the vents and changing the water filter ensure that the refrigerator stays fresh. Give the refrigerator plenty of space to avoid any defect in operating capacity.


A refrigerator can last from somewhat 10-12 years depending on various factors like brand, size, physical damage, maintenance, and many more. The refrigerator can be protected from damage by keeping in mind its correct usage. The refrigerator should be kept at a normal temperature and should be protected from any external pressure.

There are different refrigerators designed for different purposes like commercial or for home utilization. These methods define the correct usage of the product. The refrigerator should be cleaned regularly and should be maintained for more usage. It is important to not overburden the device.



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