How Long To Beat Control (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 12 Hours

Control is an adventurous action-based game that was released in 2019. The game has been developed by Remedy Entertainment and 505 games. The game was first launched on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Later, Contol was introduced for other different versions of PlayStation and Xbox. A new sequel of the game will be released soon.

Control is a third-person shooter game that can be played only in a single-player mode. The game is based on the Federal Bureau
Of Control (FBC) is a secret US Government agency. The main aim of this department is to study the control and phenomena that violate the laws of reality and find useful solutions for the same. The game has also been nominated for different awards because of its amazing designs and artwork.

How Long To Beat Control


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How Long To Beat Control?

Main Story11 hours and 30 Minutes
Main + Extras19 Hour
All Play Styles18 Hour

The game Control can take various times to beat depending on the mode in which the player is playing the game. The game can go up to 28 hours with more players, more zones, and greater competition. The most frequent time in which people play the whole game is 12 hours. The game revolves around Jesse Faden who is the FBC’s new director. The players have to explore the old FBC house.

The Old House has some paranormal activities. The players utilize their power to defeat the enemy The Hiss. The Hiss has invaded and corrupted reality thus causing harm to the world. The players explore the area and gain power through weapons they find on their way. The new objects that have been found are emitting paranormal activities and hence are a major source of power.

Control is inspired by the paranormal stories about SCP Foundation. The game takes advantage of the real-time ray tracing built into the hardware of the newer cards. The FBC Headquarters studies the event of the Altered World Events (AWEs) and study them in detail. The enemy character The Hiss tries to win the game by crossing the dimensional barrier.

Control comes with a large world map that helps the players in exploring different grounds. After completing the main story missions, the players come in contact with different Control Points that can be cleared by clearing the area of the enemy. These points can then be used to travel faster and save points.

Why Does It Take This Long To Beat Control?

The game control can take a long time to beat. Depending on various zones of the game, the time can extend. The players have to take a full tour of the palace and gain points on their way to fight the enemy. As the players complete the missions they unlock more side quests and win rewards. These rewards have skill points that can be used to improve psychokinetic powers.

These rewards can also include resources that improve the function of the Service Weapon. The Service Weapon is a special gun that can take multiple forms. The perks the gun has are innumerable. The additional side quests and limited mission alerts help the players to win the game completely giving a plethora of rewards.

The duration is taken to finish the game depends on the capability of the players how they want to finish the game. The interactions and the forces help the humans to carry firearms and heavily mutated variations of superpowers. These weapons, superpowers, and other resources help the players to win the game. Control is a game that can be played with various zones and modes and hence, it might take longer to fight the enemy.


Control can take from 12 hours to 20 hours to complete fully. The game can take time depending on the different modes of the game in which you are playing. On exploring, the number of weapons a player finds helps them to win or lose the game. The whole game can take time but with special tricks and insights, the game can be finished quickly. The Hiss can throw many tricks to win the game and get the zone to reality but this can take time.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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