How Long Do Bitly Links Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Bitly Links Never Expire

A Bitly link is a shortened URL used to track clicks and measure the performance of campaigns. Bitly links are also used to make it easier for people to share links on social media.

When one creates a Bitly link, they can choose to track the number of clicks the link receives. Bitly will provide detailed information about how many people clicked the link, where they clicked it, and when. 

This information can help people measure the success of their campaigns and optimize the content for maximum engagement.

How Long Do Bitly Links Last

How Long Do Bitly Links Last?

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Bitly links are set to last forever. However, the link data can only be accessed until 30 days. 

People should keep in mind that Bitly links are case-sensitive, so make sure that the URL one is entering is spelled correctly. If there are any errors in the link, it won’t redirect to the correct page, and the link will eventually expire.

Bitly links are important because they make URLs shorter and more user-friendly. This is especially important for social media, where space is limited, and users want to share links quickly and easily. 

Bitly links also allow one to track how many people have clicked on the link to see how successful the marketing efforts are.

Bitly links are shorter and more user-friendly than traditional URLs. They are also easier to remember, making them ideal for sharing on social media platforms.

Bitly links also offer tracking and analytics capabilities, which can help measure the performance of the content. Additionally, Bitly offers a premium paid service that provides even more powerful analytics features.

One can insert Bitly links into any website by pasting the URL into the Bitly box on the website. Bitly will automatically create a shortened link for people to use. One can also create Bitly links through the Bitly website or app. This also means that one can measure the total audience size, which can be a useful statistic when evaluating things like brand awareness.

Bitly links also allow people to customize links with their brand name or logo. 

Why Would Bitly Links Last So Long?

Bitly links are designed to shorten urls by linking through a service that caches the shortened url in their browser’s history. If someone clicks on the link and visits another site before refreshing the page, they will see the old content they’ve been linking to instead of what was originally displayed at the destination site.

This also works for social media posts – if someone shares something with their friends via Facebook or Twitter, all of their friends will see this older version rather than what was posted on Facebook/Twitter. 

Hence, it’s important not only to use links when publishing online but also to make sure these “old” versions don’t stay visible for too long.

This is also because Bitly automatically distributes the link’s shortened URL over time (24 hours) to reach as many people as possible. 

In order for this process not to be interrupted by website downtime or slow connections, they have implemented measures that ensure the links continue working even when these factors normally cause distribution problems. 

Suppose the site goes down during one of their scheduled distribution periods. One will still see the shortened link on other pages during those periods because it has already been distributed across various places on the internet at different speeds – making sure no one person or computer can pause Bitly service.


Also, Bitly links are safe. It offers an added layer of protection by verifying the integrity of the content one is linking to before displaying it on the page. 

While most marketing analytics solutions provide more information about how a single channel or campaign is performing, one doesn’t receive a complete picture of all channels and customers/prospects who interact with the content.

If one utilizes Bitly links across all of their marketing activities, one may count the total number of unique clicks for every channel, campaign, and piece of content. In addition, one can also assess the content’s geographical dispersion and the top social channels that refer to it and check all the prospects engaging with the content.



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